Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nutty, Nutty, Nutty!

This week has started out being nutty, and it's going to finish being even nuttier!

I've had one work project after another piled on, I've been trying to stay on top of adoption stuff (HA!), I've been trying to help my baby girl deal with yet another tooth, I've been cooking for now TWO grown men that are living in my house, I've been trying to find time to work out (key word...trying), and I've been attempting to plan a birthday party for my baby girl.

Can you believe she turns ONE next week??? I sure can't!

We have several steps to take before we have our next homestudy visit. We are literally fighting through one road block after another. It's getting somewhat infuriating...and also motivating. I know we are fighting the enemy on this, and that just lights a fire under my booty even more :)

I planted flowers a couple of weeks ago (I know this is the WORST time of year to plant them, but they were all on CLEARANCE! And they looked like they needed some lovin'...I couldn't resist!). All but one of them are still alive! The one casualty lost it's life in the crazy storm we had a few nights ago....the rest are hanging on for dear life as I try to remember to water them each day.

My husband MADE money on a phone trade this week. He upgraded from his blackberry to an iphone, and they more than paid for it with their trade in program. He's been drafting fantasy players from his phone and playing Angry Birds all week. He's a happy camper.

Yes, I have TWO grown men in my house now! One of our teenagers from church is staying with us for a couple of months, and we are delighted to have him! He's a joy to have around and he is SUCH a big help! But I tell you what, cooking for two men is MUCH different than cooking for one!!!  In spite of that, Mayah is thoroughly enjoying having a big brother!!

Speaking of Miss Mayah, she has officially learned how to dance. It doesn't matter what kind of music it is; she will bounce and shake her booty like you wouldn't believe. Beyond adorable.

That's all for now. Just couldn't believe I hadn't updated in this long!!  I will post birthday party pictures after the weekend!