Monday, May 02, 2011

Easter Pictures!!

Hello are a few snapshots from Mayah's first Easter!

Smooches from daddy! (A couple days after this, she actually said "dada"!!)

Her "husband", Tyler.
"I'm 7 months old!!"


Cutest shoes ever.

Apparently she likes the taste of freshly laundered dress...


This video is mostly just for the grandparents because it's kind of long....but it's open for public viewing too :-D

Here are a couple shots of her inventing her own kind of crawling (She's stubborn and likes to do things her own way...I don't know aaaaaaaaaaanybody like that in her family :)

Love this.


Nathan Anderson said...

So, it REALLY looks like we're making her do push-ups in that last picture! She's a pretty cute kid. ;-)

~Stephanie said...

So . . . does Tyler know the wedding is still a few years away? That tux rental is gonna get expensive. Plus, Mayah would NEVER have orange bridesmaid dresses. :)

Sara said...

She's a cutie!