Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Not that I think anybody who reads my blog doesn't check Mike and Sara's Facebook, but just in case you've forgotten or weren't sure what was going on with this.....

Basically, when you adopt from Ethiopia, the courts require you to have a letter from MOWA (Ministry of Women's Affairs) saying that they've investigated your adoption and they find everything to be legitimate and ethical.  Which is GREAT! Ethical adoptions are necessary, or else these children may not end up in any better situations than they were in in the first place.

Right now, MOWA is able to process about 50 adoptions per day, and for those of you following Mike and Sara's adoption, you know how long it's taken for that process to be complete! Even at 50 per day, it's still taking MONTHS for these children to get to their forever homes.

Right now, MOWA is considering cutting back the amount of adoptions they process from 50 to 5 per day.

Yeah, you read that right.

The problem? It will take that much longer for any adoptions to be processed. Adoptions currently in process will be put on hold. Orphanages will become overcrowded and will have no place for new children.  Basically this is a nightmare.  Why they are considering this, I don't know...but it's happening.

What can you do?

Go here:

Sign this petition saying that MOWA has to keep up it's rate of 50 per day so these adoptions can continue to go through and children can continue to be placed with their forever families!!

Pray. Pray for the hearts of those in charge of these decisions and that they will be softened to the needs of the children.

Pray that the adoptions in process will not be put on hold and that the families who are waiting on court dates will get their letters in time.

Pass it on. Tell your friends, your family, anybody who might be willing to sign a petition!  It literally takes about 1 minute, and you could be changing thousands of lives.  This is something real that you can do TODAY. This is not something you need to fund raise for or spend months planning with your church. This is something you can do right now that will make a legitimate difference in the world.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

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