Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Birthday Surprise and an Excellent Day!

Last night, I took the hubs out for dinner & a movie. Cliche, I know...but it's simply our favorite thing to do.  Since his birthday is this week, we splurged a little and had ourselves a treat.

We saw The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. Seriously great!!

Then before going to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and the Kentucky game, we sat in the car for a minute so he could open his birthday present.

I told him not to start the car yet because I had to make a quick phone call. I dialed the phone and put it on speaker, and told Nathan to narrate what he was opening.

"Ummm....I have an envelope that says 'Nathan' on it. I'm opening the envelope. There's a piece of paper inside that says Priceline....????  And apparently I'm flying from Indianapolis to Texas....IS THAT BILLY????  WE'RE GOING IN JUNE???? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?!?!"

I then told him that in addition to the trip, we have tickets to go see the Astros while they host the Cardinals in Houston...thus being the reason the trip is scheduled for those specific dates.

At that point, he picked up the phone and in a fit of adolescent-girl excitedness, he and his "bestie" (also known as his "other wife") jumped up and down and clapped their hands.  It was wonderful to watch how happy he was :)

So, in answer to the "color" clue:  The silvery-gray was originally supposed to be his car (this was before I knew we could get plane tickets as cheap as I did). The green and yellow are the BP gas stations he ALWAYS manages to find....he says the colors attract him like a moth to the flame.  The brown is Texas. The yellow is his best friend Billy (he's Asian - hahahahaha). The red and orange is for the Cardinals/Astros. Then it's back to the brown and yellow of Texas and Billy, then hitting the road again in his car. 

I'm not sure I've ever seen my hubby that excited before. It was SO SO SO much fun to surprise him! AND, I'm extra proud of myself, because he says he was legitimately surprised and had NO idea that it was coming!!  Yay me!

The reasons for today being such an excellent day:

1. Mayah has frogs on her socks
2. Nathan has been uber wonderful to me all day. (Side effect of the gift...maybe??? Don't really care, he's a sweetie nonetheless.)
3. I got a cherry sprite from Sonic.
4. I'm going over to a friends house to watch Harry Potter tonight.
5. I'm typing this blog on my brand new laptop. (Courtesy of a lovely tax refund, and thought of, again, by my sweet husband, who recognized my need for a better work computer.)



~Stephanie said...

All excellent.

I am especially excited that Mayah has frogs on her socks. An imnportant detail to note, I think. :)

janjanmom said...

I LOVE frogs, they always make me smile. Mostly cartoony type ones, but real ones are so ugly and unassuming that they also make me smile.