Thursday, January 13, 2011

Text Messages Rule & Phone Calls Drool

I am writing this blog in response to my brother's dear friend, Micah.  Her most recent post is dedicated to the irony of how much she texts, even though she despises the art of the text message.

I am here to refute her arguments with my own facts on why text messages are awesome:

- I'm good at it. I have super-human, Steve Oedekerk like strength in my thumbs and therefore am capable of text messaging at a much faster rate than I could call someone, wait for the phone to ring, have them not answer, leave a message, call them back an hour later because they haven't called me back, wait for the phone to ring again, then finally have a conversation with them.  All this for one simple question?  I think not.
- I hate pointless conversations.  If someone text messages me a pointless text like "what's up?", or "hey", I can choose to respond or to not respond...but I don't have to endure the obligatory pleasantries of every phone conversation.  Via text message, you do not have to be so's socially acceptable to just ask a question or make a comment!  Be pleasant if you like, fine, but don't call me, pretend to have a nice "how do you do" conversation, and then "remember" that you have to ask me a question. Drives. Me. Nuts.

- But the real beauty of the text message lies in the fact that I can respond while doing other things! Texting only takes one hand, which I've learned is an essential skill as a mother.

Examples of frequent texts sent from my phone:

I can text Nathan while he's at the store and say "DIAPERS!", while I'm using my other hand to change the last one, and he immediately knows what to do!

I can text mom: "They say taupe is very soothing", and she immediately knows to flip to FX because Ocean's 11 is on.

I can text Lindsay: "You're not dying, you just haven't found anything good to do", and she flips to AMC because she knows Ferris Bueller is on.

I can text my brother a ":-P" face, just because I don't see him everyday and he NEEDS to have somebody put him in his place.

I can text Elizabeth and say "Nathan is working", and she immediately knows to come over and have a girl's movie night with me :)  I buy pizza and she makes's a wonderful combination.

Best of all, my husband and I play "slug bug" via text message, AND he still flirts with me through text....I love it.


~Stephanie said...

"Question for ya" (please get the humor in that statement) . . .

I toyed with writing my own rebuttal to Micah's blog, NOT because she is not certainly entitled to her own opinions, but to defend my (our) own. I think I still may.

Oh, and, we got cows, Julia.

~Stephanie said...

Oh, I also LOVE that you're blogging more!

AND, I built the prettiest new blog header! I'm so excited about building blog headers. It's replaced scrapbooking for me as the only artsy things I do . . . AND there's no mess to clean up or junk to store. It's perfection in a craft. But since I just posted this blog header two weeks ago, I will probably wait another month or so before changing. Or maybe not. :D

E.T.'s Mom said...

i love that you're blogging more, too!

E the M.E. said...

Yeah for girl's movie nights!! :)

I love that you're blogging more too! And have I told you that I love that you know who Steve Oedekerk is? And I just plain love you! :-D