Sunday, January 09, 2011

State of Confusion


Who is All State's Stan? I keep wondering who this mysterious person is and why he is so important in the insurance business, but I have yet to decipher the answer.


Why is it that McDonald's occasionally throws in a nugget that is shaped like the state of Florida?

Maybe that's their way of giving us a small piece of the retirement that we will never make it too, because inevitably, we will die young from ingesting too many deep friend ground chicken parts.


I collect "Huggies Points". When I get enough saved, I will go online, enter the codes, and then spend my points in the Huggies Store. There are always cash drawings or sweepstakes to enter, and sometimes I will try my luck at those, but usually I put the majority of my points toward their donation drive for Every Little Bottom. For every two points, they will donate one diaper to a family in need. Cool, right? So this last time I got on, i went to donate my points and the Huggies site said to me "We're sorry, but we are not accepting donations at this time because we reached our donation goal for the year".

Wait, WHAT?

You are NOT accepting donations for more diapers because people have been so generous that you no longer feel it is necessary to help the poor????

I have no answer for this one. I am still confused. Be confused with me, won't you?


~Stephanie said...

That means they have spent all the money in charitable donations that they care to spend for their fiscal year. But that's okay . . .

It's not the job of "big business" to help the poor (though I have MUCH respect for the ones that do), it is ours. So . . . go buy a sack of diapers and give them to someone who needs them.

Love you for wanting to do good. Glad the same mother who inadvertantly taught you to be an anarchist, also taught you how to have a heart for those in need.

And, who is Stan?

Kacey Leigh said...

It's supposed to be "All State's Stand", but he NEVER pronounces the D. I am shocked that I'm the only one who has noticed this so far :/

Christopher said...

Corporations are limited to a certain amount of charitable donations because they're not really charitable. It's a tax break, but it's one that has a limit and when that limit is hit, you see what companies are doing it because they feel the need and which ones are doing it for the credit. Mine is the latter.