Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Real Food

I'm no expert in the kitchen. Everybody knows that.

Recently we've been eating a lot of frozen food; pre-done dinners and the like.  Let's face it, those $3 bags of pasta dinners are not only CHEAP, but they aren't half bad.

The half that is bad, however, is wearing down my tolerance for cheap food.  Since we don't have the money to go out to eat, I'm left with one remaining option: navigate the dark recesses of uncharted territories know as "the fridge" and "the pantry".

Sure, I've cooked before, but I hate it. I avoid it at all costs.  I'd rather clean the bathrooms or do something really brave like fold the laundry as soon as the dryer dings. But like I said, I'm sick of everything I'm eating vaguely resembling a palette of flavors like plastic, aluminum & cardboard.

So into the unknown depths of kitchen exploration I go.  I'm starting off simple and we'll see how long this really lasts.

Last night: Night 1 of my domestic endeavor resulted in a quite yummy batch of homemade chicken noodle soup...with plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day! Cha-ching!

Tonight: Sausage baked ziti.


E.T.'s Mom said...

Yep, it's the only way I've figured to feed my family the nutrition I expect on the budget we require.

I knew when I married Philip that I needed to learn to cook and enjoyed the challenge of the "unknown depths of the kitchen." The part of cooking that I enjoy is being the best wife I can be and learning skills I thought only the supermarket could master.

May you be sucessful and find something in the kitchen (or the results thereof on the table) that keep you inspired!

mnpolutta said...

The planning ahead part was what always brought me down. Sitting there and trying to figure out what I would cook for the week was always so frustrating. The website has been a HUGE help to me. Now, I print out my menu and my grocery list and head to the store. Sometimes I have to modify the list to meet our preferences, but it is far better than starting from scratch. AND the recipes are always very simple. Have fun in the kitchen. :)

~Stephanie said...

Hey! I think the e-mealz is what Sara uses sometimes and it makes things so easy.

Besides that, I recall your mother putting all her own recipes (such as they are) in a strange little thing called a "cookbook". You might try looking there for ideas.

Kacey Leigh said...

I've already busted out your cook books madre :) How else would I know how to boil an egg or turn on the oven????