Monday, October 18, 2010

Miracle Juice

I'm sure the mother's out there are aware of the miraculous powers that breastmilk has, but I just have to share this because it's crazy awesome.

God made our bodies pretty cool.

So...Mayah had an eye infection. I emailed our midwife to see what might be the cause/cure, and she told me it was probably a small case of conjunctivitis (very common in newborns who have tear ducts that are a little slow to open).

She told me to use breastmilk.

I emailed her back and said "USE breastmilk??? Like, put it in her eye????" "Yes", she said. "Just use a dropper and put some straight into her eye. Breastmilk has macrophages which eat bacteria and kill infection."

So I put milk in her eye.

Her eye is a million times better.

Then, Mayah developed a little rash on her face (again, common in breastfeeding newborns because she's getting a big 'ole dose of my hormones with each feeding, so it caused her to break out a little bit).

I wondered....

So I put milk on her face.

Her breakout had gotten BAD. It was starting to get scabby around her ears and her entire little face was red.

We woke up the next morning and it was almost completely gone.

A couple more applications and her little face was baby smooth again.


I burned my finger. This is a very common occurrence in our household. Whenever I try to cook, I inevitably burn my finger on the oven. This culinary attempt was no different.

The burn immediately started to blister and was bad, and very painful.

SO....I put some milk on it :-D

The pain went away instantly. I wrapped it in a bandaid, and the next morning there was NO sign that there had ever been a burn on my finger.

Did you know that burn centers around the world use breastmilk to cure their patients?

Breastmilk is pretty miraculous stuff. God made it to do a lot more than just feed babies. People use it to cure colds, soothe sore throats and heal wounds. Some have also been known to use it as a substitute for contact solution :)

It has been scientifically proven that women who breastfeed have a greatly reduced risk of breast cancer. Did you also know that donor breastmilk is used for various purposes in over 25 different medical procedures?

Since I'm so amazed with this miracle juice, I've decided to partner with Gus Portokalos, market it in conjunction with Windex and make a fortune off of a line of new face creams. I think we'll call it WindMilk...since BreastEx might give the wrong idea for the cream's intended usage.

So for those of you who use the phrase "rub some basil on it", I think you should seriously consider replacing "basil" with "breastmilk". Just try it and see what kind of reactions you get. :-D


E the M.E. said...

Ha! That is awesome. God is so amazing :)

I'm glad you mentioned Windex, because that is what I was thinking as I was reading. I feel I have to comment "Put some windex on it!" (in a Greek accent, of course).

~Stephanie said...

WindMilk, BreastEx, I don't care what you call it, I call it "Boobie Juice!"

And yes, it is amazing. Can you imagine there are people who CHOOSE NOT to nourish their children the way God intended just because they think it's "yucky"?


Kacey Leigh said...

No, I can't believe that! It seems selfish and extremely silly to me.

Besides the fact that I can't imagine trying to bond with my daughter without breastfeeding her, her immune system comes from my breastmik! We've hit the flu season head-on, and she has yet to show any signs of sickness! :-D

God just made the whole process so cool.

*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

Well I have a cold so send some of that WindMilk my way... Drugs aren't working.

E.T.'s Mom said...

Can't imagine doing it any other way!