Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Story Time

Today's Story:

Lying in bed his morning, my husband decided to tell Mayah a story...it went a little something like this:

Nathan: "Once upon a time there was a man named Jed. Jed was stupid. Jed's family was also stupid. Jed struck oil and made his family really rich, so they all moved out to Beverly Hills. They were still stupid. Now Jed is in politics; somewhere in Florida, I think..."

Kacey: "Honey, I believe you mean 'Jeb'."

Nathan: "Oh, right. Still stupid. Who names their kid 'Jeb' anyway???"

He Told Him!

One of our dear friends is currently in medical school and just does NOT understand our desire for a natural birth. In small group the other night, he was lecturing us on the benefits of labor inducing and pitocin. There's not much "explaining" a different view to this guy, because he doesn't really try to understand. I was getting a little frustrated with his lack of respect for our choices, and his forcefulness in his opinion that "oxytocin" and "pitocin" are exactly the same thing. My dear husband sensed this, looked at our friend and simply said "If pitocin were the same thing as oxytocin, they would have named it oxytocin."

It made everybody in the room giggle, and was the perfect opportunity for me to change the subject :-)

Organization Frustration

I'm already running out of room in the baby closet. It's full of clothes, diapers and everything else "baby". Mom is still bringing me a HUGE load of things that didn't fit in our car after the last baby shower, and I have another baby shower this Sunday! We are feeling extremely blessed by all of this, but any attempt at organization has put my sanity on the line.

My dear mother-in-law (I believe, having sensed my frustration at our lack of space) purchased a dresser that matches our crib, and is having it shipped to us :-) YAY for storage space!!!!! Thank you MIL!

It's that time of year again!

No, it's not Christmas...although that would be awesome. It's fantasy football time!! Yes, I am still my mother's child, I'm just being "well-rounded" like she always wanted me to be!

Rather than going and buying a "cheat book" this year, I have made my own exhaustive draft list, encompassing at least 20 choices for each category, their position, team, ranking and bye week; all in order of my preference.

All I want is ice cream

That's all. I just want ice cream. It's unfortunate.

These are the ramblings of my mind today. The countdown will resume soon. :-)


E the M.E. said...

Just FYI - Sonic sundaes are just $0.99 after 8pm. Um yeah, I've verified that a time or two... :)

NinjaPrincess said...

You've probably already seen it, but I liked "The Business of Being Born." That movie and Ina Mae were what kept me going when people kept telling me I was insane to refuse interventions.

E.T.'s Mom said...

I like your ramblings. And I love Nathan's comment.