Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Super Freaks. We're Super Freaky.

Obviously I hate this picture, but today's blog is dedicated to my dear, sweet, baby brother (who also happens to be the most obnoxious Yankee fan out there).

Yes, the Yankees have won 27 World Series. It's ridiculous. I keep reminding my brother that it's only because they have a market that stretches across the world, so they have the revenue to buy their way into the playoffs every stinking year....but I digress.

The reason today's blog is dedicated to my brother is because I think he's psychic....either that, or he'd just make a really excellent bookie. (College job option #1.)

Before Nathan and I started dating, Kevin said we'd be together by the first week of January.

- We started dating on January 2nd.

After we were together, he said we'd be engaged within two months.

- Nathan proposed on February 23rd.

Kevin then stated we'd be married in August.

- Even with my original plans to hold off until December, the wedding got pushed August.

Now for the really scary part: Kevin said we'd have a baby in about two years. We laughed it off, said "no way, you're crazy", and then obviously proved him right.

This time, however, he's gotten really brave and made a prediction on, not only the time frame, but the exact date as well.

Two years ago, when Nathan and I were getting married, Kevin said we would have a baby on August 29th, 2010.

That is only a mere two weeks earlier than my actual due date, and frankly, it freaks me out that he was that close in the first place.

As my mother put it, I hate to be superstitious, and it feels a little silly for banking on my BROTHER...but all indications point to an early baby. The baby has dropped, I'm measuring a little ahead of schedule, etc...

Everybody keeps telling me "all first babies come late! Don't get your hopes up!", and believe me I'm not getting my hopes up...I think I'm getting my "freak outs" up.

However, if she comes on the 29th, she'll share the illustrious day with:

My dearest beloved cousin Lindsay
Michael Jackson
Richard Attenborough
& Ingrid Bergman

So frankly, it seems like a pretty good day. I'd be okay with's just that my brother's "abilities" are a little frightening.

I already think my mother is a little like Hiro Nakamura with her ability to tell time. She also too closely resembles Miss Cleo with her ability to read my mind. I'm now starting to think my brother is my own personal Zoltar. Of course we all know my dad as the "horse yeller", but I wonder what my undiscovered super-power is?? If we determined that now, I'd be the "super-eater"...I think I may hold off a few weeks before I try to uncover my ability.

If Kevin is correct, I plan to write a memoir: The Reynolds Family Heroes, We're Super Freaky.

As of right now, my mom's plans are to drive up here on the 28th. Perhaps Kevin is just making this prediction to mess with us???? Well done little man, mission accomplished.

So even though today is technically day 27, according to my brother, it's day 10. That's almost single digits. Kevin, I'm not sure whether to love you or hate you right now, but if you're right, I may start betting on the Yankees.


~Stephanie said...

I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! You crack me up. I'm thinking Kevin made this early "prediction" to get me out of the house a couple of weeks longer. :D

Okay, now I'm going back to read it again because it's just doggone funny.

~Stephanie said...

Oh, and in a few weeks your super-power will be the ability to make milk with your boobs!!! COOOOL.

*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

The baby CAN NOT come on my birthday.... Although I will love her that much more. I need both of you in Kentucky around the time of my birthday cause Jerad is coming home and i'm taking him to my "HOME".

Kacey Leigh said...

Um Lin, we won't be in Paducah. Sorry.

I'm not supposed to travel anymore. Period.

In addition to that, mom is coming up here on the 28th so she can definitely be here whenever the baby DOES decide to come.

We'll have to meet Jerad next time :(

If you and Jerad want to carpool with mom, you can come up here for the weekend!!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Hahahaha! You're a funny girl. This is the big one for Kevin - pulling out an actual date and all. But man, we're going to miss your mommy around here!

Kacey Leigh said...

I know....she's kind of a big deal :)

But I'll be glad to actually NOT miss her for a few weeks!!!

If only my ratty brother hadn't decided to do that high school thing........

NinjaPrincess said...

Can you ask him when the Cubs are going to win the World Series? And if it's not for a really long time, can you ask him to lie and say next year? K thanks.

MichaelPolutta said...

Love the Zoltar reference.