Friday, August 20, 2010

Cardinals and Command Strips

Today's number is 25!! Unless, of course, you're my brother. Then you apparently think the above number says "8". Silly boy.

This weekend, I'm roughing it on my own. I've eaten pasta and ice cream, I'm watching Harry Potter, tomorrow I will participate in a live fantasy football draft, and then I'm headed off to the spa to get a prenatal massage, and a full spa mani/pedi...courtesy of my madre and grandmadre. Happy birthday to me :)

The reason I'm alone this weekend is because my dearest hubby was recruited to travel to St. Louis for a "small group" conference. Our minister invited us both to tag along this weekend, but seeing as how I'm not reeeeeeaaaaaally supposed to travel at this point, we decided it would be a better idea if he went without me...although I'm pretty sure the main reason he went was in hopes of catching a baseball game....too bad he's only going to the movies without me :/

I still don't like spending the night by myself...although I mind it less now that we have dogs. They may not be big enough to cause any damage, but they're certainly alert enough to let me know if something is wrong. So far, we're in the clear :)

Also on my list for tomorrow, I plan to make a trip to Hobby Lobby. I need two exciting things: command strips and velcro. Command strips so I can hang "Mayah" on the wall above the crib, and velcro so I can secure the crib bumper (apparently "one size fits all" really means "one size MIGHT fit your crib if you're lucky enough to have bought one of the pre-approved cribs").

That's all for now. Thanks for reading :)

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