Friday, August 13, 2010

32, 24!!....Hike?

It may only be a little after midnight, but it's already been a great birthday!

Apparently I find pleasure in the small things.....

- I found a bag of dark chocolate kisses in the freezer.
- We actually remembered to watch Whose Line tonight.

I will very much miss chatting with my birthday buddy, Tony. Have fun partying with Jesus :-)

Other people I am privileged to share a birthday with: Alfred Hitchcock, Fidel Castro (I'm not sure if that's a privilege, but it's a fun fact, nonetheless), Scott Hamilton, Annie Oakley, Danny Bonaduce, Dan Fogelberg, Don Ho, and Bert Lahr, a.k.a. The Cowardly Lion -- Jessica, that one's for you!

Today's baby countdown number:

Significant things:

- The number of completed, numbered piano sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven

- The jersey number for Shaquille O'Neal during his playing time with the Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, and Orlando Magic.

- Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers wears the number 32.

- There are 32 NFL teams, and also 32 teams that always participate in the FIFA World Cup.

In the Year:

32 A.D.

- Although there is speculation about the accuracy of this, it is possible this is the year Jesus was crucified.


- Amelia Earhart flew from the USA to Derry, Northern Ireland in 14 hours 54 minutes.

- Brave New World, the novel by Aldous Huxley, was first published.

- Radio City Music Hall opened in New York City.

Now for the other number of today: 24!

This is one of my favorite songs anyway, but it seems appropriate today.

My birthday wish...

In 18 hours, I'll have the lovely company of my madre and my madre's madre, at which time we will be dining at the marvelous Buca Di Beppo! My fav....and because I'm so awesome, I got a coupon in the mail today for $10 off our meal! WOO HOO!!

Okay, thank you for indulging me. Now I'm going to get some sleep so I can finish making my house presentable tomorrow :) Goodnight all!


Jessica said...

You are hilarious!!! Thanks for the shout out! I can't believe the count down is at 32 days. Not much longer! We are so happy for you two. Happy Birthday again! I hope it is wonderful :)

~Stephanie said...

24 is MY favorite number!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Hope you had a happy birthday and a wonderful weekend with your Mommy.