Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting Closer!

We're getting closer!

I'm entering my third trimester, and I can see my baby girl roll over on a daily basis....again, freaky but cool.

Now, for the countdown facts of the day!

Significant things associated with the number 90:

- I learned during the World Cup that all professional soccer matches are 90 minutes long...unless of course they go into extra be honest, I don't pay attention to sports where the score ends up being 1-0 on a regular basis :)

- The right angle is a 90 degree measurement.

- In baseball, the bases are 90 feet apart. This, I will teach my children.

- Nolan Ryan of the Texas Rangers pitched a no-hitter against the Oakland Athletics on June 11, 1990.

- The latitude of the North Pole and the South Pole are 90 degrees.

- In the year 1990:
- Nelson Mandela was released from Prison.
- Joseph Hazelwood was put on trial for the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
- Mikhail Gorbachev was elected the first executive president of the Soviet Union.
- The Hubble Space Telescope was launched.
- (For my mom) - When the Stephen King novel The Stand was re-issued as a "Complete and Uncut Edition", the setting of the story was changed from 1980 to 1990.

In the movies: Julia got her Knight in Shining Armor, John McClane "Died Harder", The Corleone's came back for thirds, and Michael J. Fox went even farther back for thirds. Macaulay Culkin got left at home, Arnold went to Mars and then discovered he did not have "a tuma", Johnny trimmed lots of hedges, and Scorsese made the mob look "good". Costner learned to dance, Demi made some pottery, the Red October was hunted, Warren Beatty saved the world while wearing a yellow trench coat, Keifer, Kevin and Julia flatlined, and Kathy Bates made everyone miserable. Meg and Tom began their onscreen romance, the cowabunga dudes ate lots of pizza, and the Memphis Belle flew its last mission. Overall, it was a pretty great year for movies.

What are your memories from 1990?


~Stephanie said...

It WAS a good year for movies! Don't forget that Driving Miss Daisy won the Oscar for Best Picture (1989 movie/awards given in 1990), and Bette Midler's sappy "Wind Beneath My Wings" won the Grammy for Record of the Year.

Nelson Mandella was freed after 27 years in prison.

Margaret Thatcher resigned as British Prime Minister.

The cost of a postage stamp was .25cents

The Cincinnati Reds won the World Series, Martin Navratilova won at Wimbledon, and "Unbridled" won the Kentucky Derby.

Seinfeld made its debut, and Cheers was ranked #1.

And Kacey had a "Little Mermaid" 4th birthday party, complete with "Ocean Blue" Kool-Aid. Your friend, Lindsey, got her head stuck in the wrought-iron railing. Quite the celebration!

*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

and i was born jerkface!!!!

~Stephanie said...

Dr. Joel moved to Cicely, Alaska and thoroughly entertained me for five years. I loved that quirky little show.

~Stephanie said...

It was a lovely Wednesday evening, August 29. The birds were singing, the east Texas trees were swaying in the late summer breeze, my baby sister was screaming in pain as our precious Linny-poo was born. How could we overlook such a momentous detail in our lives???

And because of this detail, 1990 was also the year I spent my summer sewing crib bedding for my new niece. And the year Stacey found ants embedded in her PopTarts. 1990 was a good year. Yup.