Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Down....Lots More To Go...

Today's number:

Significant things about the number 82:

- The code for international direct dial phone calls to South Korea.

- The ISBN Group Identifier for books published in Norway.

- Joseph Haydn's Symphony #82 in C Major is called "The Bear" (composed in 1786).

- Six hexagons can be arranged together in 82 different ways.

In the year 1982:

- A crowd of over 100,000 attends the first day of the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee.

- The Weather Channel airs on cable television for the first time.

- Cal Ripken, Jr. starts the first game of what eventually becomes his record-breaking consecutive games played streak of 2,632.

- Prince William is born at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, West London.

- The first compact discs (CDs) are released to the public in Germany.

- The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C., after a march to its site by thousands of Vietnam War veterans.

- Michael Jackson releases "Thriller", the number 1 selling album of all time.

In the Movies:

Dustin Hoffman became Dorothy Michaels and marched around in a red sequined dress. Richard saved Debra from her horrible life as a factory worker, and Elliot saved the alien and sent him home. I'm not gonna lie...those were the only decent movies from 1982. The only other ones I'd give mention to are Poltergeist and Annie. Other than that...seriously dead year for movies :-/

In other news:

We've finished all of the episodes of Lost that we can get our hands on...season 6 comes out in August. So until then, we'll just have to wait. We've started watching Heroes now, but are only a couple of episodes in so I'm not hooked yet. I'll let you know if I get as hooked on this one as I did on Lost. Truly, Netflix Instant Queue is an amazing thing. Love. It.

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~Stephanie said...

I WENT to the Knoxville "1982 World's Fair, You've Got to Be There!" (sorry, was singing the jingle in my head. It was quite catchy, and the world's fair was great. Kind of like Epcot.)

In 1982, I transferred from Lipscomb to Murray, as Lipscomb did not offer a journalism degree. I got my first apartment and my first car. I would give you other world events, but I was in love and oblivious to anything else. Sorry. :o)