Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What Day Is It???

I started to write about "Movie Mondays" today...then I realized it's Tuesday (err, wait, is it Wednesday? I don't know).

I had to check.

Sadly, it is no longer Monday, but not yet Wednesday. So here you go...Movie Tuesday.

We saw Iron Man II last weekend, and I have to admit, I wasn't that impressed.

We both loved the first Iron Man, so naturally, we were extremely anxious for the release of the second film.

A few things I didn't like:

- The bad guy just wasn't that scary
- The relationship between the hero and his girl seemed kinda fake
- The "pit", or the low point that Iron Man fell into was weak, and the solution was too simple.
- Overall, it just needed a better story. Thinking back on it now, I couldn't even really tell you what the majority of the story was about.

A few things I did like:

- Don Cheadle. That's pretty much it.

The movie really wasn't baaad, it just wasn't very good.

So my advice is to wait until this one is released on DVD before you go see it. Just find somebody who has surround sound and a big screen tv and crash at their house for a couple of hours.

In other news, I am at 22 weeks and now discovering a whole new list of foods that I can't eat. Apparently my baby girl REALLY doesn't like cheeseburgers. Also, she's putting up a fight against tacos at this point, but I'm gonna fight back pretty hard on this issue. She might just have to get over it.

Weighing in at a whole pound and stretching out to about 12 inches, she's definitely making herself known now. Nathan got to feel her kick for the first time yesterday. Then we both got to watch her kick...which was really interesting. I could warn him when the jolts were coming because it was almost like I could feel her rearing up to kick me, and sure enough, my belly would jump pretty violently. She must have had a growth spurt overnight, because that had never happened until yesterday morning. We were highly entertained with this new development for well over an hour.

This weekend, I'll be home (and I HOPE my husband will accompany me, although that is yet to be seen). If all goes as planned, "we" will be there to help with the yard sale on Saturday and we'll also stick around for Jacob and Lindsey's shower on Sunday afternoon.

Hope to see all of you there!


~Stephanie said...

me like

E.T.'s Mom said...

Fun! I'm glad you both got to enjoy the baby's karate moves. I'll miss you at the yard sale, but we'll be there Sunday.

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很不賴的分享!! 多謝啦!!◑0◐........................................