Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Genie in a Belly

I can say these things on here because none of the people who read my blog have yet to commit this offense...

WHY do people feel it is necessary to rub a pregnant belly?

The following are my best guesses at what goes through someone's head before they stretch out their arm and brave the treacherous air that surrounds my stomach:

- "Hmm....Kacey must not be feeling fat at all, so I'll rub the part of her body that is protruding like a watermelon, just to remind her it's there."

- "I wonder if Kacey's belly is sore from all that stretching? Let me rub on it to find out!"

- "Kacey is probably feeling rather inconspicuous with that belly of hers. I'm gonna point it out so that she feels like everyone in the room notices it."

- "Hmmmm...I wonder if Kacey can pat her head while I rub her belly?? Let's find out!"

- "I know Kacey isn't hormonal or emotional at all, so I'm going to invade her personal bubble and make her feel extremely loved."

- "If I rub on Kacey's belly, will a genie pop out??"

- "Kacey can't be nauseated or sick feeling, so I'm going to make rapid motions on her belly to stir things up a bit for her."

- "Awwww...I bet the baby is sleeping and hasn't been kicking her for a while. I'm going to wake her up so Kacey can have more havoc wreaked on her kidneys!"

I imagine it must be akin to when you have a sunburn and people inevitably smack you on the back; only this time they're aware of the offense, they just don't realize it's an offense!

I feel it's only fair to warn you: you rub my belly, I'll rub yours...pregnant or not.


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hahaha Kacey! Your my favorite!!!