Sunday, May 02, 2010

I Am My Mother's Child....Or Maybe Just A Hippie.

Since being pregnant, I have obviously gone to great lengths to educate myself on what is happening to my body, what is happening to my baby, and precisely how everything works in that department (more than just the "talk" my mom gave me when I was a kid on how babies are made).

I've read book after book, watched documentaries, done online research, talked to numerous friends, and of course, enlisted the never-ending wisdom of the M.O.M.

I have determined one thing for sure. I am not happy with hospitals and birth. They just don't mix well together. Women delivered babies for thousands of years without the help of epidurals, pitocin and c-sections, so why in the last 100 years have we become completely dependent on doctors to help us do something that God gave us maternal instincts for?

(Side note: I do recognize there are cases where doctors and hospitals are absolutely essential and a blessing, without which, some mothers and babies would be in a world of hurt. I am merely refering to low-risk pregnancies.)

So I started calculating my risk of having a hospital-born baby without having medical intervention, and I began to realize it was nearly impossible. The statistics for true, natural birth in hospitals are pretty much non-existent. If you have had one, it was probably a fight for you, or so I've heard.

So today, we enlisted the help of a midwife.

Nathan and I now plan to have this baby girl in our bedroom floor.

Yes, I'm serious.

I watched my mom do it when I was 6, and I'm pretty sure I thought it was the coolest and grossest thing I've ever seen, so of course, we're gonna do it again. Only this time, mom (M.O.M.) will be the coach and I'll be the one doing all the yelling ;)

My mother congratulated me today by welcoming me to "the ranks of the non-conformists".

I suppose that fits right along with my "minimalist" baby registry, my recycling and our budget cuts.

Another bonus: I was worried about buying a duffel bag for our trip to the hospital, because I just didn't have anything appropriate to pack in. Now, I no longer have such bothersome things to worry about :-)

If you need more details on how exactly this works, my mother would LOVE to fill you in. She shall we put it?....stoked.

Me too.


~Stephanie said...

I know you were just 6, but you must recall that I never yelled in labor. Nana was shocked because I labored in silence until the pushing stage which I laughed through thanks to your 'coaching'!

Congratulations . . . Everyone, except me, will now think you are crazy.

And yeah, I'm kinda stoked.

Kacey Leigh said...

I know, but I won't have a 6-year-old there to say "mommy, mommy, I see the head!...wait, where did it go??? It's gone!!! OH, IT'S THERE AGAIN!!!"

So I figure there might be a little more yelling during this labor.

I told Jennifer today that I'm preparing my brain for 3 days of pain, so if it happens in less, I'll feel very happy about it, and if it doesn't, then I'll be prepared!

Sara said...

I know your mom is totally excited about this recent development. I've enjoyed watching this process play out for you from "I'm never having a kid to I'm having a kid in my bedroom floor." :)

E.T.'s Mom said...

So cool! This is going to be so exciting. Congratulations!

*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

you are rediculous.... I will be in a hospital, drugged out of my mind. I want enough drugs to bring down a bull elephant. I dont want to feel a thing below my waist. And I'm employing the "Baby Momma" method and spraying some pam down there beforehand