Tuesday, April 13, 2010

De-cluttering My Brain

All day long I think "ooo I should blog about that!", and then when I sit down to actually blog, all of the ideas are gone.

So as usual, here is a random hodgepodge of nothingness that is currently on my mind...

We have started a new "Life Huddle" at church with only people in our age group. It's really nice to meet some new people and get to know more couples around our age. We are supposed to grill with them on Saturday night, if Nathan can get away from work. I'm excited about making new friends! :)

My husband has gone through the cable schedule for the next several days and set reminders for all of the baseball games that he thinks I should watch when he's not here during the day. He's cute.

I am having a yard sale this weekend! It is incredible that we have accumulated SO MUCH junk in the year and a half that we've been married, and it is definitely time to clean everything out and get reorganized before Peanut gets here. We have a nice sized house, but I find it disturbing that we need every cabinet and drawer to be filled to the brim with things that I might, might, might need once every year or two...or worse yet, that I will honestly never need again. Do I really need Crystal candle sticks? No. Do I really need my desk lamp from college? No. Do I really need all of my old posters? No. Do I really need to keep all of these books that I've already read and probably won't ever read again? No. If I change my mind, I have a library.

Needless to say, we have TOO MUCH STUFF. It's cluttering up my house, and it's clogging up my brain. We did a study recently on how much our lives are affected by noise, and it was mentioned that noise doesn't have to be audible, but can also be visual. How am I supposed to take time every day for God when I can't stop thinking about things that need to be done, or I can't take myself away from all the distractions around me in my home? If our house can't be a sanctuary away from distractions and noise, then I don't know where we'll ever find peace.

So the motivation is clear, and the goal is set: Get rid of anything that is not used on a regular basis. If I can do that, I think I'll feel better.

Frankly, less stuff = less cleaning. I am O.K. with that!


~Stephanie said...

First, I'm impressed that you are Chinese/English bilingual. Cool first comment :o)

Now, YOU ARE SO MY CHILD!!! I could not be in more of a declutter mood. Maybe I'll blog about that too. I am tired of the junk . . . and I don't have that much. YOU GO GIRL! Clean it out! Happy Yard Saling!

E.T.'s Mom said...

I don't know about the baseball, but YAY! for new friends and serious decluttering.

How was the yard sale?

Kacey Leigh said...

The yard sale went pretty well...not as well as I would have liked, but it was COLD on Saturday, so I think the crowds were lower than they would have been otherwise.

We'll just take the rest to Good Will because I'm not hanging onto it for no good reason!

Anonymous said...
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