Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Puppy Love and Itchy Syndrome

This is Rocco Bald-Belly (named after a favorite baseball player of mine, Rocco Baldelli).

He's adorable, playful and a cuddler. We got another puppy because we wanted to deal with Maggie's jealousy issues. She's such a time sucker for me because she wants/needs my CONSTANT attention, and I was getting really worried that I wouldn't be able to take care of her well once Peanut gets here. So the thought process was that we should get her a play buddy to bring the following benefits:

1. Keep her distracted when I can't pay full attention to her.
2. Entertain her and give her somebody to play with when I can no longer get on the floor and wrestle with her.
3. Wear her out so she sleeps more!!

So far, it's working like a charm. Both puppies wear each other out so much that they sleep for about half of the day and all of the night. It's a beautiful thing.

We've had a little bit of trouble with Maggie playing too rough with Rocco because she's so much bigger than he is, but as he grows, I think this will become less and less of a problem. Besides, he's such a little antagonist that even if she's trying to leave him alone, he'll pounce on her and bite her ear. She loves it :/

Needless to say, it's wonderful to still have my snuggle buddy, but not constantly have her under my feet.

On a totally different note, I'm SO itchy I can't stand it. I'm using all the different kinds of lotions and butters and such, but as my skin continues to stretch in multiple places, I'm scratching so much that I look like I have a constant sunburn. It's awful. I might take the barfing over the itching....haven't made a decision yet.

So for now, I'm going to go slap on more lotion and avoid getting an actual sunburn because I can't even imagine how much that would hurt right now!


Anonymous said...

nice job! waiting for your new artical. ........................................

mnpolutta said...

I had the itchy syndrome when I was pregnant with Lauren. They called it PUPPS. It was HORRIBLE. Hope you find relief!