Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Frustration Frustration Frustration

I'm frustrated. Can you tell?

It has just been a bad morning.

Now, let me preface the following story with a word about my sweet puppy: She has been doing SO SO SO well lately. She has been controlling her "excitapee" (as we like to call it), and she has also learned to go outside by herself, without me having to walk her six times a day. For this, I am extremely grateful.

However, I think she may not be feeling well because the last couple of days have been accident ridden. Perhaps a bladder infection, or an adjustment to new food...I'm not sure which, but either way...not fun for mommy. If it doesn't clear up in another day, we'll be making a trip to the vet.

I woke up this morning to wetness. Yeeeeeaaaaaah...

Through the sheets, on the pillow, ruined the mattress cover...I'm pretty sure I haven't ever yelled that loudly.

Puppy is in her crate, sheets are in the washer, mattress cover is still ruined, and an attempt at a hand washed pillow is now in the dryer (we'll see how that turns out).

To continue the frustration, I was running late for my morning meeting because of the frantic clean-up attempt, so when I logged onto my Skype account at the very last minute, my whole computer froze up.

This was an epic freeze.

Nothing would open, and nothing would know what I'm talking about. It always happens to you right when you really need your computer to work quickly.

So I missed the entire first half of my meeting because of my un-functioning computer, and when I finally did get it to work, they had already talked about several of the things that I needed to talk about as well.


So after a few chains of catch-up emails, I am now editing blog content for a client of ours. Come to find out, these blogs are lengthy...extremely lengthy. We told him to keep each blog to about 200 words in order to maximize his traffic, etc.....yeah, he didn't listen to us at all.

So now my job is to go through each one of these 17 blogs he's just written, edit them all down to size and also correct his terrible grammar. Terrible grammar.

Do you know what my (potentially) largest pet peeve is when it comes to grammar?

Ex: "Many people believe that that is the only solution to...."

"That that". Don't do it please. There's no need! Simply one "that" will always suffice. If you're not sure, read it out loud, or reword it if you have to, but double words like "that that", or "had had" are just never necessary.

Off the rant...

So, once I finish wading through these blogs, I'll go to Target and buy a new mattress cover. Thanks puppy, thanks.

If I had a cup of coffee, this would all seem like no big deal ;)

Yes, I know I'm hormonal...I am well aware. Right now, small things seem like huge deals, so please just take whatever amount of humor you can take out of my small pains, and we'll get through this together :-)

"Be still and know that I AM God." Ps. 46:10

I think I'm just going to "be still" for a few minutes and try to restart my head.

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E.T.'s Mom said...

Hope your day got better. At least I learned a little grammar.