Saturday, February 06, 2010

Five Things For Friday, February Fifth - Even though it's technically the 6th already.


5 foods: Sushi, Cheese, Cheese tortellini, Chong's egg rolls, cheesecake

5 tv shows I currently watch: The Office, Gilmore Girls (reruns at 5:00 every day on ABC Family), Fresh Prince Reruns, NCIS, Spongebob.

5 things I eat for lunch: Cheese tortellini, cheese sticks, cheese toast, bagels and cream cheese, and chicken noodle soup.

5 things on my floor: Space heater, trash can (it's living by my couch right now), childbirth books, snow shoes, dog toy.

5 things that ALWAYS make me cry: Little Women, The Lion King, ..... yeah, that's about it.

5 things I do now that I didn't do 5 years ago: Cry at all, play with my dog, own my own house, talk to my husband (I talked to Nathan, he just wasn't my husband :), or buy baby clothes for my own kid.

5 things I do at work: Write articles for websites, write ads for google, have daily meetings that are generally pretty boring, analyze website traffic for clients, decipher html and edit it for publishing. (Doesn't that sound fun??? :-/ )

5 favorite things in my house: My couch (I'm pretty proud of it), my red teakettle, my zebra office chair, my green walls, my other green walls :)

5 things I'm addicted to: Cheese, spongebob, biting my cuticles (thanks mom), Chinese food, my iphone.

5 things I used to do that I don't do (much) anymore: Drink coffee, eat a lot of sugar, wake up feeling normal, wear belts, or online shop for things for me. (Gimmie about 7 more months, and I'll pick most of these habits back up again.)

5 chain restaurants: Buffalo Wild Wings, Qdoba, Olive Garden, TGI Friday's, and Spaghetti Factory.

5 things in my fridge: cheese, gallons and gallons of sprite, broccoli, leftover chinese food, mangoes.

5 people I see daily: hmmm.....daily? Nathan. That's about it. I work from home most days so he's about the only person I see during the week.

5 favorite games: Scene It, Tetris, Catch Phrase, Double Solitaire on my phone, and Guitar Hero :)

5 cars I have owned: Well, I owned a barbie minivan, a Polly Pocket convertible, I used to drive my mom's old 92' Sable (Tank the Sabletooth), and now I have Stella.

5 things I can cook that are yummier than average: That's funny.

5 classes I enjoyed in high school: The only high school class I enjoyed was my AP English class. My college classes that I enjoyed were my freshman English class, my American Lit class, my Ethics class, my logic class, all Greek classes, and racquetball :)

5 places I like to shop: Maurices, Target, Barnes and Noble,, and Love21.

5 books I've read more than once: Little Women, Til We Have Faces, All The President's Men, Hamlet, Chronicles of Narnia.

5 things by my bed: TV, Rays lamp, chap stick, twelve remote controls for the DVD players that don't really work, Office DVD's that I can't watch upstairs because of the non-working DVD player.

5 local restaurants: Flamingo Row, Chongs, Tokyo Sushi, Jasmine's and Golden China.

5 things that de-stress me: Hot Showers, good books, rain, naps, cartoons.

5 movies I have watched multiple times: The Lion King, Moulin Rouge, Love Actually, All the Harry Potters (except for the one that just got released because I don't own it yet), America's Sweethearts.

5 things I'm passionate about: My God, my family (born and unborn), helping other people find or achieve their passions, fixing people's hurts, and making myself a better person...if I'm gonna be a mommy, I'd better get on that.


~Stephanie said...

That was fun! You can't count MY local restaurants as YOURS. You scramble eggs like nobody's business + you make perfect pancakes! And becoming a better person is always a worthwhile goal . . . but you will never be good enough to be a perfect mommy. Just sayin'. But you'll be amazing . . . you had a great role model! :o)

E.T.'s Mom said...

Okay, so you REALLY like Chinese food....but Spongebob?

And Little Women always makes me cry, too.