Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Confusion and Cosmonauts

So I've been doing a bit of interesting know, Genesis is a fascinating book.

One story that has especially jumped out at me is the Tower of Babel. Now I've heard this story a million times, but this time it struck me a little differently...

The story is all about the people coming together and trying to accomplish something great. Now, that "something" was building a tower to the heavens...which we all know is impossible, but the theory of building something large and powerful, and accomplishing it together is a pretty nifty idea.

Since then, we've built skyscrapers that just about break atmo, and we've created thousands of things that come a lot closer to "reaching the heavens" than I'm sure their tower did.

However, God basically blew it out of the sky. He was SO unhappy with their idea that he destroyed their tower, and confused all of their languages so they could no longer communicate together and achieve greatness.

Now, I suppose I understand the principle behind God's movement in this story. He didn't want people uniting together and thinking they were greater as a group than He is as their God. BUT, if He didn't want that then, why has he allowed it now?

Even in the Old Testament, there are stories of vast cities and large walls, and peoples so great that the Israelites called them giants (imagine what their buildings must have looked like). And now, we build the Sears Tower, and the Empire State building, and whatever that building in Dubai is called that quite literally touches the clouds.

Besides building those buildings, people have conquered the largest peaks and the lowest ocean depths, and beyond that, we've sent rovers to MARS! So why hasn't God blown us out of the sky???

Why didn't he confuse those Russian Cosmonauts, and blow Sputnik into a billion pieces??? Why is he still letting us explore the depths of space and the highest and lowest points of the Earth?

I guess my big question is, if God was so afraid of them "reaching Heaven", did Heaven used to be closer to the Earth? Did God pick up His mansions and move them a few billion light years away from us so we couldn't break HIS atmo?

I know this is a silly question, but some things in this fascinating book just make me take a step back and go "HUH?????"

Thanks again for your indulgence. Comments and answers are more than welcome :-)


~Stephanie said...

In my little brain, I always figured they were building the tower so they would have a "high place" to go if there was another flood . . . not trusting God to keep His promise.

Like I said, just my thoughts.

Kacey Leigh said... in order to make them trust Him, he confused them.

Or maybe just to prevent them from outwardly not trusting...

Very interesting....

E.T.'s Mom said...

Yea for asking questions, though I have no answers. I hope we're both "struck differently" this year as we read those "same old stories" we've always heard.

Love ya!