Monday, November 23, 2009

A Flip-Flop Christmas

I've been thinking recently about all of the many reasons I love Christmas....

For those of you who don't know, my blood runs red, not because that's normal, but because it's Christmas blood. I'm pretty sure there are white candy cane stripes in there too.

So what is it that I love so much?

It's not the presents (although the game systems and new clothes are cool).

It's NOT the shopping (although I'm getting faster at it every year).

I think it's the pretty. It's the exact reason I hate Halloween -- it's ugly.

Christmas is SO pretty. The lights, the decorations, the (I'm only gonna say this once, and understand that I'm only mentioning it for it's beautyish properties) snow, and even the people.

Christmas is the only time of year people quit thinking about themselves. It's the only time of year you don't mind somebody hassling you outside of the grocery for money, the only time of year you make lists for other people and not just yourself, the only time of year you think about the existence of your mailperson. It brings the beauty out in everything, not just the trees and the houses, but the people too.

Churches that typically focus inwardly are drawn outward to their communities. People who spend the whole year wrapped up in their jobs, stop to focus on their families. Children, well....let's face it, kids are just in it for the presents ;) But it's exciting for those of us who give the gifts to watch them get all excited.

The only thing I find ironic is that Christmas comes after Thanksgiving. I know we didn't exactly pick the order of the holidays, but I feel like they should be the other way around. Rather than stopping to give thanks and then rushing off to get wrapped up in the Christmas craziness, I think we should give and give and give and then stop to give thanks for what we have left. When we give thanks first, I think we are capable of quickly forgetting how blessed we are, and getting wrapped up in the not-so-pretty side of Christmas.

I vote we move Thanksgiving to January. So after we're exhausted from the rush of the holidays and the spending of the money and the giving of the gifts, that's when we stop to say thank you; not just for what we have, but for another year of what we have left to give. I think a post-Christmas Thanksgiving would make the holidays even prettier :o)