Monday, July 20, 2009

This day in history...

Buzz and Neil landed on the moon 40 years ago and broadcast their success to over 4,000,000 Americans. Buzz Aldren also took the first communion that qualified as "out of this world", with a travel pack of grape juice and bread. I can't imagine that his freeze dried astronaut communion tasted any better than those little styrofoam travel sets we have now...

Today in Kacey's history...

I got a surprise visit from a cop. I was sitting at the office by myself today, just making some calls, and apparently when I dialed 9 to get out of the building one time, I accidently hit a wrong number in there somewhere...

Apparently I called 911 and didn't even realize it! Needless to say, I was a little flustered when a cop showed up to check on me and I had no idea what he was talking about! I'm still wondering if maybe it wasn't the girl next door or something....but who knows? All I know is, if I ever need to call 911 from the office, apparently I don't have to dial 9-911. Just one 9 is sufficient. Good to know :/

In other news, Nathan's job is calming down a LITTLE bit. He called me at 12:30 Saturday night (In the height of the Indiana Black Expo) to let me know that there had been a shooting right in front of his hotel. Thanks babe, cause I slept so great that night :/ (sarcasm -- immense sarcasm) Hopefully he will have no more near death experiences.

We played a softball double-header yesterday. Nathan hit a homer and I scored two runs! We were pretty proud of ourselves. However, I'm now sporting a couple of good batting blisters, and a nice pair of pulled quad muscles. Nathan's fine of course, except for a scratched spot on his shin. Apparently he's good at narrowly escaping injury.

This week, we hope to (1) See Harry Potter (well, I hope to do that...Nathan just hopes to take me so I'll quit whining about it.) (2) Talk to our mortgage lender (3) Depending on how said "talk" goes, make an offer on a house. If all goes well, We could be moved in a month or two (the benefit of potentially buying a house that no one is currently living in).

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I'll write more as soon as I know more :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hold On To Your Chairs...It's Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride.

I know I know....I say I'm gonna blog, and then I don't.

But seriously, NO TIME!

I have just been offered a full time position with the marketing company I've been contract writing for. They've told me that I can take my time if I'm not ready to quit my other part time job yet, and that...well basically that they love me and they'll take me whenever they can have me. I told them I'd probably go full time with them in Sept/Oct. It'll be weird having my first salary position. No more hourly pay??? What to do with myself...

My husband officially started his new job today at the Westin (same company, just a different hotel -- in case you hadn't heard this story yet from our parents). He already had three people call off of their shifts. I told him it seemed like an unfortunately ominous beginning. He agreed.

The hubby and I are contemplating purchasing some living quarters. The search has been interesting, and fun, and quite informative...and we think we may have found a winner. I'll keep you updated ;) I know you are all sitting on the very precarious edges of your seats...

In the mean time, we have decided that our savings account is more important than our stomachs, and have resigned ourselves to ramen noodles and Totinos frozen pizzas for the next few weeks. It's like college all over again......only without the crazy roomates. :o)

There. I updated. That's what is fascinating in the lives of Nathan and Kacey. I'll try to give you more insights, on a later day, into the wonderous world of the almost-not-newlywed lives that we lead.