Monday, June 01, 2009

Comfy Chairs, Enlightenment, and a big fat "HUH?"

I have two new jobs. Two new wonderful jobs, might I add...

The first, not as exciting, but still interesting (at least to me -- one of the few things I inherited from my father is my interest in financial planning and "figuring" as he puts it). I'm working as an administrative assistant for Horace Mann Companies. Today I got a two hour lesson in stocks and bonds and mutual funds and 401k's and 403b's and Roth IRA's vs. traditional IRA's. I was truly fascinated. Yes. Call me a dork...but I have a really cool desk and a nice big comfy chair :)

I feel much more enlightened now on the finanacial side of the world now.

My second job is really cool. I'm a content writer for EverEffect Marketing - an SEO company (insert "HUH?" here)

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Basically, we provide internet marketing for companies that don't have time to do it all themselves. We create blogs/websites, etc for larger companies who want to expand into smaller markets, and try to generate as many "hits" or "links" to their websites as we can. So this week, I wrote articles for ADT Security, and Direct TV, and then wrote a bunch of web content for a Hazmat equipment company (DQE). If that sounds like a bunch of mumble jumble, don't worry...I'm still not sure what it all means...but I'm having fun learning!!!!!!!

The pluses about both of these jobs is that I will be at home a LOT more (Horace Mann will only be Mon-Thurs. 9-1ish, and EverEffect is homebased except for monthly meetings), and I'll be making more money (so all that life insurance and mutual fund stuff I learned about is something we can look into soon).

If you can't tell...I'm excited, and Nathan is very excited for me. I'll keep you updated on how things are going, and once my stuff starts making it onto the web, maybe I'll post some links so you guys can check it out!

Sorry I don't have any funny dream stories like my mother, but there was a chick on some reality show this week that spelled her name exactly like mine. Too bad I don't have a cd...
but I did write a song :)


~ Stephanie said...

That "chick" can't possibly spell her name the same, as I INVENTED the spelling of your name, and clearly, it can't be duplicated. :o)

Yes, yes, your brother has the same tendencies toward interest in the financial planning market and such. CRACKS ME UP! It just PROVES that genetics override environment! There is nothing, NOTHING, I hate more . . .

That being said, I am so tickled for you! I love you and I know you will make both employers very happy! Proud of you!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Congratulations on all your new job adventures! Sounds like it'll keep you learning and that's great.