Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Vampire Lady

So I had my blood drawn yesterday. I cried like a little wuss.

The nurse that drew it just jabbed that needle into my arm without any warning, and then proceeded to suck SIX viles out of my arm. SIX. One of them got stuck and she had to yank it, which in turn yanked the needle and caused my arm to swell up like a potato. Then after she drew my blood, she made me sign the paperwork for my co-pay. Couldn't I have done that before my arm was throbbing and swollen at the elbow, thus preventing me from bending my I had to stand an arms length away from the desk while I was awkward.

Oh well. I have a Disney princess bandaid now making me feel better. The Arby's beef and cheddar didn't hurt things either. Plus, the hubby took off work early so he could drive me :) He's such a sweetie!

OH...and the cool story for the day: I've partnered up with a church that sponsors sunflower houses in Thailand (shelters for women resuced from trafficking). They make jewelery to sell (basically to pay their rent in the homes) and I think I'm gonna start selling some of that jewelery. Not as a year round thing, just for a few weeks to raise some money for them, and also to help fund the Saba trip. So if anybody's interested, let me know :)



*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

you big wuss! I gave blood last month, they took out the 6 viles and A BAG of blood. and I didnt cry this time. But I still have the scar from where the needle went in....

Kacey Leigh said...

Show off.

E.T.'s Mom said...

Eeeew, yuck. When's the Saba trip?