Sunday, May 24, 2009

I can't believe I'm telling you this...

What you are about to read...

Is completely socially inappropriate.

Please don't feel obligated to continue. However, my husband and I got a really good chuckle out of our absent-mindedness. Perhaps you will too...

So Friday I had a really, really good day. Nathan had a pretty good day himself. So when he was on his way home from work, I was getting all dolled up to take him out to dinner (a little "Kacey has an awesome new job that she's really excited about" celebration).

Before we left, I called the apartment office because our air conditioning was not working. Seeing how it was a Friday night, on a holiday weekend nonetheless, we assumed our message would not even be heard until sometime on Tuesday.

We went to dinner. Buca Di Beppo...amazing as always. Prosciutto stuffed chicken. Wonderful.

Then we came home.

Now...seeing as we are still in the *ahem* technical newlywed category, and we were both in a celebratory mood...I'll let you take a wild guess as to what happened when we got home. However, there's one detail that cannot be left out for the sake of the story.

We were not very choosy about where all of our articles of clothing landed. For example (I can't believe I'm blogging about this): jeans in the foyer, bra in the get the picture.

(My cheeks are officially red.)

The next morning, we both had to get up early for work, so we blew off the mess until we got home. When we arrived back at the apartment, in addition to the strewn clothing articles, there was a note.

Our air was fixed. The note said "Freeon added. I hope it was okay that I closed the windows."

Now...we KNOW that he closed the windows so the apartment would cool down. BUT...

My husband's first words were, "wow, he must have thought we needed more privacy."

Now, you may not be laughing as hard as I am. But you have to feel sorry for the poor maintenance man. Oh the things he must see...

We just felt this was slightly too humorous not to share. So with my husband's full blessing, you are now filled in on what we feel was the highlight of our weekend.

I'm thinking of writing an apology letter to the poor man...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ups and Downs

Yesterday was wonderful. Today not so much. I can't decide whether I'm happy or sad at any given moment.

I got an awesome new job yesterday. I'll be doing contract writing for an online marketing company...I'm very excited.

Michael Thomas called me today and told me that our Saba trip is cancelled...I'm very not-excited. I'm whatever the opposite of excited is. Not depressed, just very mellow and sad. I was already making packing lists...

Guess I'll just have to wait one more year...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Accidents Happen


Chris comes over to me and says "I pulled a Kacey."

In my innocence, I state "what in the world does that mean???"

She showed me the pieces of her fingernail and proceeded to tell me the story of how she sliced it in half with the big kitchen knife.

Apparently I'm accident prone.

Who knew?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Vampire Lady

So I had my blood drawn yesterday. I cried like a little wuss.

The nurse that drew it just jabbed that needle into my arm without any warning, and then proceeded to suck SIX viles out of my arm. SIX. One of them got stuck and she had to yank it, which in turn yanked the needle and caused my arm to swell up like a potato. Then after she drew my blood, she made me sign the paperwork for my co-pay. Couldn't I have done that before my arm was throbbing and swollen at the elbow, thus preventing me from bending my I had to stand an arms length away from the desk while I was awkward.

Oh well. I have a Disney princess bandaid now making me feel better. The Arby's beef and cheddar didn't hurt things either. Plus, the hubby took off work early so he could drive me :) He's such a sweetie!

OH...and the cool story for the day: I've partnered up with a church that sponsors sunflower houses in Thailand (shelters for women resuced from trafficking). They make jewelery to sell (basically to pay their rent in the homes) and I think I'm gonna start selling some of that jewelery. Not as a year round thing, just for a few weeks to raise some money for them, and also to help fund the Saba trip. So if anybody's interested, let me know :)


Monday, May 11, 2009

Happiness Again

I'm back. Things are more settled now.

I have a new job which I am starting on June 1st, and I'm thrilled about it!

It's really not the most exciting job in the world, but I'm going to be doing some administrative work for an insurance agency. The fun part is, it's fewer hours with more pay :) SO...I've started doing some freelance work for some online marketing companies, and I'm getting paid for my writing. It's pretty darn cool.

It's a nice feeling to feel needed. It's a nice feeling to feel well placed.

Thanks for your prayers! Check back often now, because I plan to start writing on here again....oh, and if you want to pay me for blogging, that'd be cool too!