Thursday, April 09, 2009

Baseball Goodness...

My Rays kicked some Red Sox butt last night, and that makes me extremely happy :)

Tomorrow, Nathan and I are taking our trek to St. Louis to watch his Cardinals play. I've gotten mom's 35mm zoom lens camera so I can take some close ups of Albert for my husband. Needless to say, he's like a little kid right now, except that his shoulder still hurts...another story...

Sunday we were over at our friend's house and my husband suddenly decided to slide tackle me in their brand new basement. Why he did this, I will never know, but since I'm a Reynolds by nature, I put the boy in a headlock. However, not fully aware of our surroundings, my feet slipped out from under me on their brand new, extremely slick flooring. So my full body weight came down on his neck. I'm only telling this on myself because it was an accident, and since he was the instigator, I don't feel I will be judged too harshly. Anyway, pray for his very speedy recovery because we believe he's pinched a nerve and it's been making him nauseous for a few days now, and he'd really like to watch Albert swing the bat without feeling sick. :) Thanks!


~ Stephanie said...

Who is Ray and why is he wearing red socks?

Friend's house is singular and yet you refer to "their" brand new basement in the same sentence.

And if your full body weight came down on Nathan's neck, he's lucky you didn't snap him like a twig.

Don't you love your mommy???


Nathan Anderson said...

SO, your story isn't very factual. BUT because I love you, I will only point out that I'm not sure how carpet is slippery...I love you. And I'm glad I feel much better, though I'm kinda hurting from playing with the kids on Easter. Love ya!