Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy Weekend

Nathan's birthday was Sunday, and since he never blogs...ever...

Saturday we went to see Bolt at the dollar theater (awesome), and then went to eat at Famous Dave's (which was our favorite place in Nashville, and we just got one up here).

Sunday we went to our friend's house and had steak and cake. I'm pretty sure that was the most wonderful steak I've ever eaten.

Since the celebrations ended, Nathan has just enjoyed playing his new baseball videogame while sitting in his new videogame chair, and wearing his Cardinals tshirt underneath one of his two new hoodies and pausing to watch his DVD set of the Cardinals 2006 world series...after reading the stats from all the players on the team from the year he was born on the back of his baseball card set. He tells me that he had a really good birthday.

On a much sweeter note, my wonderful hubby helped me do the dishes last night (his idea, not mine) and went grocery shopping with me tonight (his idea, not mine). I love him.

Yes, Lindsay, we are still pathetically cute, but we're enjoying it until it wears out ;)

I have a day off tomorrow! That's the first scheduled day off I've had in three weeks, and probably the only one I will have for another three weeks, so I'm gonna get lots of things done, and maybe even watch some cartoons! :o)

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