Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mystery Splinters

I have had two splinters in my right hand this week. I got one out yesterday after it had been in there for about a week. Last night, I noticed another one.

I have no idea how either one of them got there.

I am extremely puzzled. If I get another one, I think I'll start keeping a splinter journal and see if I can trace their origins (much like the dream I had the other night about canoeing through a flooded mall in a giant tupperware...?).

I'll keep you updated :). Right now, I'm trying to get some stray mascara out of my left eye. It's been there for about an hour now.


*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

Yur retarded! But your like my favoritest person ever!

~ Stephanie. said...

First, I thought I was Lindsay's favoritest person ever, so back off!

Second, you are weird.

Third, I think the splinters came from your original canoe. It was getting the splinters that caused you to transfer to the tupperware containers. Well, that and ease of maneuvering through the mall in cooler colors, of course.

Fourth, mascara comes off really easy with acetone nail polish remover. (NOT. Please don't try this at home!)