Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Touch Screen.

So I have an iPhone. It is quite possibly the coolest toy ever invented.

But all the great things have their downsides.

You know...
Light bulbs caused global warming.
The printing press made your fingers all inky.
The telephone...well,

The touch screen is miraculous. I love it. Part of it's miracle is that it only responds to a combination of skin touch and heat. You can't touch it with your shirt sleeve, because it just doesn't work! It's pretty incredible honestly...unless your hands are cold.

Seeing as how the temperature has recently been in the negatives, my hands have been in a constant state of frigid for the last few days.

So the other day, I was getting a phone call while I was walking to my car. I tried to slide the little touch bar to answer my phone, and it wasn't recognizing my heat-absent fingers. So I had to test my other options. I tried rubbing it on my face in the desperate hopes that my cheeck would hit the magic spot and the phone would be answered.

To no avail.

So I tried my chin. Almost, but no cigar. Still to0 cold. So after 18 seconds of sheer frustration, I resorted to the only warm thing left on my body, and I licked my phone screen. I then proceeded to have a conversation with a wet phone on my face.

As I went outside, a little ice accumulated on my cheek and I had to scrape off not only my car winshield, but also my phone screen.

The beauty of technology...


*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

HAHAHA your such a goober!!! I love you!!!

~ Stephanie. said...

. . . the printing press made your hands all inky . . .

You are one funny chick.

Sara said...

Very creative I must say!

Ashlea Smiley said...

lol, that made my day! seriously, it did!!!!!! btw, i will be praying for tony.

E.T.'s Mom said...

You are too funny.