Monday, January 12, 2009

The Roast Beef Incident...

So because of a certain medication I was forced to start taking (due to um...marital bliss, and the un-want of children), I am an emotional wreck.

I cry at the drop of a hat.

I don't sleep normally anymore.

I feel like the world is collapsing in around me.

And then I laugh. Uncontrollably. I'm losing my mind.

The back and forth roller coaster of my emotions has made my husband nearly lose his mind (although he's been an angel while dealing with me), and has even led to some pretty funny incidents at work...

Now, Chris and I have become good friends, so we know pretty much everything that's going on with each other (hence, she is aware of my rollercoaster). The other night, we were swamped. There was a concert going on, we were lined up with customers, and we ran out of roast beef. Chris came and showed me the container and said "we're out of roast beef because somebody forgot to pull more out of the freezer." I thought she was blaming me. Turns out, she was meaning "somebody" as herself, because she thought she'd checked and stocked everything earlier in the day. Anyway, I cried. She asked me what was wrong, and I don't think I ever would have told her if she hadn't figured it out because I felt like such an idiot.

Needless to say, she felt like a jerk...although I assured her it was not her fault.

Afterwards, we laughed for about an hour, and are still making jokes about it and referencing it as "the roast beef incident of 2009".

This has been one of many sad sob stories. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday...thank goodness. Maybe I'll regain my sanity :)

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~ Stephanie. said...

ahhhh . . . the wonderful world of hormones. I cried one day on the way home from work because . . . well, you tell me, 'cause I have no idea!

Thank you, God, for progesterone!