Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Top Ten Ways I'm Using my $80,000 College Degree

10. All that experience learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator has come in handy while I've been designing new tshirts for the coffee shop.

9. The festive Lipscomb stickers on the back of my car are the only reason I can come up with for why a cop still hasn't pulled me over for my expired tags. Distraction baby.

8. All the hours I spent standing in line for a jolt of caffine actually helped me complete the training for my current job without even knowing it.

7. The dorm decorating contest gave me several handy ideas that are currently used in my living room.

6. All of my school shirts and hoodies are putting my great new washing machine to good use. The suit mom bought me is making my closet look really super.

5. The writing I did in all of my journalism classes really helps when it comes to shorthanding in a pre-write, or titling my blogs. "Student Starts Fire in Dorm" translates well into "Kacey Starts Fire in Kitchen". True story. I lit the stove up good on Thanksgiving. That's what kitchen towels are for. That and for putting a barrier between my shirt and the sink when I'm scrubbing my skillets.

4. I appreciate my kitchen sink. Even though I've been handwashing my dishes since we moved in (although I got a new dishwasher last Thursday:) it's better than having to wash off my plastic walmart plates and my single coffee mug in the bathroom sink every day. I don't miss plastic silverware or my single cup coffee maker...or my ramen noodle hot pot for that matter. I appreciate my full size appliances.

3. The Greek...well...I have fun with it.

2. In all seriousness, I think one of the biggest reason I got a degree from the college I did, was so God could show me Saba. Any cheaper of an institution and my navigational skills would not have been honed enough to find such a tiny little speck on the map.

1. Last but not least, I learned how to man hunt from all those girls who were only at Lipscomb to receive their Mrs. degrees. I took those skills home (away from the mandatory Christian College Companionship Program, where girls ended up with rings on their fingers after only three dates and more pressure than a doctor with forceps) and I ended up with two Bachelors. One of them, I turned into a Mr. :)


~ Stephanie. said...

Two Bachelors. Now, how cute is that?

Okay, that was pretty doggone funny . . . though it was MY four years of (ahem) HARD WORK that paid for your cushy dishwasher, cushy coffee-pourin' job, and cushy little marriage. I think a "thank you mommy" is in order!


Kacey Leigh said...

I didn't say it wasn't your four years. I was just telling you what all your money paid for me to learn.


*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

Aw Kacey your sooo cute!!!