Monday, December 01, 2008

Mugging Christmas

So last Friday, Chris and I took on the task of painting some holiday spirit onto the front window.

She used to hire a guy to do this on every holiday, but instead of putting his John Hancock on the window last Christmas, he threw up his Jack Daniels.

He has since been let go.

So we attempted some Christmas cheer. We thought "what better than to put up some Christmas colored coffee mugs, and put little Christmas decorations on them?!"

So the window says "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" (with the obligatory "Happy New Year" in Colt's blue), and there are brightly colored Christmas mugs all over the window.

In an attempt at creativity, I tried to put something wintery on my mug. I painted little snowflakes all over its bright red surface, and the front reads "Let it Snow". Now, I didn't really comprehend my own irony, but for those of you that know me pretty well, you understand my hatred for all things snowy. Cold and wet are not my ideas of fun. I love Christmas, yes...but I'd just assume have Christmas among the palm trees and the warm ocean than have a traditional "White Christmas". I figured maybe the hot coffee inside the mug would counteract the fake wish for Christmas condensation, but no.

It has snowed. Hard. All day. Everyone has complimented my mug, saying that it's the cutest one on the window, but I'm pretty sure God made it snow so that I would appreciate the situation. Not superstition, just stupidity. Never wish for something you don't want.

I think I might go change my mug message to "Let it Money"...


~ Stephanie. said...

"Let it money"! Haha. That's my funny little girl!

Snow. I don't understand. I must post a counteractive blog.

As for "never wish something you don't want" . . . I wished for you to grow up and marry a good boy and have a happy life. I didn't want you to move far away from me. So, I get that one.

E.T.'s Mom said...

I'm with you, girl!