Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2nd Half of Christmas

WE GOT A WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my lovely in-laws gave us Guitar Hero to go with it :) I'll be happy and content to stay at home for a long while...

We spent this past weekend in Elizabethtown with Lesli and Ryan, and absolutely had a blast playing Wii Sports with them (although we were all sore when we woke up Sunday morning).

On the work front, things have been a little exciting. Please don't take what I'm about to write as bragging on my part at all, because truly, only God can do this...but I know that He's used me to help bring it about, and I just want to share what's been happening (I also said I'd keep you guys in the loop).

So a couple of weeks ago, Chris and I were talking about philisophical things (as usual...haha, not really. Most of the time we talk about make up and girly things), and she told me that even though she still wasn't sure about the "Jesus" thing, that she was starting to realize that the story as a whole just didn't make much sense without Him in it.

So for Christmas, I wrote her my own gospel. I told her the story of Jesus from the perspective of how I've seen Him in my life. I told His story from the birth to the ressurection, and a bunch of the details in between (combined from all four gospels). I showed her a side of Jesus that I don't think she'd seen before.

She called me yesterday and told me that was the best Christmas present she'd ever gotten.

She said she had never seen it laid out so simply, and that she wishes life were as simple as that. I told her that it is that simple, when Jesus is involved, because He made it simple for us. She said that she made her husband read it and that he had the same reaction that she had. They both loved it, and were so grateful that I had taken the time to do that for them, because even though they'd wanted to believe in Jesus, they'd just never seen it in a form where they could understand it.

Yay God :)

Later that afternoon, Chris came into the store to drop some stuff off, and told me that one of her best friends, Angela, is having surgery to replace her esophagus, because the cancer has eaten so much of it that they can't just remove the tumors. Angela told her that if they opened her up and the cancer has spread into her trachea, that there's nothing else they can do, and they will just close her back up and give her an estimate on how long she has left.

Needless to say, Chris was kind of a mess. Now, I know with the baby faith that Chris has, it would be really easy to write God off at this point as the God who only hurts people. So far, she hasn't. She's absoulutely upset, which is understandable, but she has already told me that she's at peace with the fact that her friend will be better off, even if they can't remove the cancer. She knows that Angela's faith is in God, and she said she trusts Him to do what's right.

However, I don't want this to hurt her. Pray that no matter what happens, Chris does not lose the faith that she's developing, but that it's strengthened. Angela's surgery was early this morning and I haven't heard how it went yet. I'll keep you updated, but please pray for her health, and keep Chris in your prayers too.

Thanks! Love you guys! Have a happy new year if I don't write again before then!!


~ Stephanie. said...

wow. I love you. Whoever raised you did a fabulous job.


*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

Kacey... Your an AMAZING person!!!

MichaelPolutta said...

Your story is so cool. Yay God, indeed!

Personally, I think the text of your "gospel" would make a great blog post...

E.T.'s Mom said...

Your story is great! You inspire me to be more attentive and active where God is working.