Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2nd Half of Christmas

WE GOT A WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my lovely in-laws gave us Guitar Hero to go with it :) I'll be happy and content to stay at home for a long while...

We spent this past weekend in Elizabethtown with Lesli and Ryan, and absolutely had a blast playing Wii Sports with them (although we were all sore when we woke up Sunday morning).

On the work front, things have been a little exciting. Please don't take what I'm about to write as bragging on my part at all, because truly, only God can do this...but I know that He's used me to help bring it about, and I just want to share what's been happening (I also said I'd keep you guys in the loop).

So a couple of weeks ago, Chris and I were talking about philisophical things (as usual...haha, not really. Most of the time we talk about make up and girly things), and she told me that even though she still wasn't sure about the "Jesus" thing, that she was starting to realize that the story as a whole just didn't make much sense without Him in it.

So for Christmas, I wrote her my own gospel. I told her the story of Jesus from the perspective of how I've seen Him in my life. I told His story from the birth to the ressurection, and a bunch of the details in between (combined from all four gospels). I showed her a side of Jesus that I don't think she'd seen before.

She called me yesterday and told me that was the best Christmas present she'd ever gotten.

She said she had never seen it laid out so simply, and that she wishes life were as simple as that. I told her that it is that simple, when Jesus is involved, because He made it simple for us. She said that she made her husband read it and that he had the same reaction that she had. They both loved it, and were so grateful that I had taken the time to do that for them, because even though they'd wanted to believe in Jesus, they'd just never seen it in a form where they could understand it.

Yay God :)

Later that afternoon, Chris came into the store to drop some stuff off, and told me that one of her best friends, Angela, is having surgery to replace her esophagus, because the cancer has eaten so much of it that they can't just remove the tumors. Angela told her that if they opened her up and the cancer has spread into her trachea, that there's nothing else they can do, and they will just close her back up and give her an estimate on how long she has left.

Needless to say, Chris was kind of a mess. Now, I know with the baby faith that Chris has, it would be really easy to write God off at this point as the God who only hurts people. So far, she hasn't. She's absoulutely upset, which is understandable, but she has already told me that she's at peace with the fact that her friend will be better off, even if they can't remove the cancer. She knows that Angela's faith is in God, and she said she trusts Him to do what's right.

However, I don't want this to hurt her. Pray that no matter what happens, Chris does not lose the faith that she's developing, but that it's strengthened. Angela's surgery was early this morning and I haven't heard how it went yet. I'll keep you updated, but please pray for her health, and keep Chris in your prayers too.

Thanks! Love you guys! Have a happy new year if I don't write again before then!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The First Half of Our First Christmas....

Since I'm not yet allowed to blog about what we got for Christmas, I will refrain for now...

But I can tell you that I got Batman! And my brother bought me a gorgeous scarf to match my new coat :)

Thank you to my whole family for a wonderful weekend! It was much needed...we didn't want to leave :(

However, we're looking forward to this coming weekend with Nathan's family!

In the mean time, I'm opening the coffee shop every day but Christmas day this week (with my new key), so I'll have the afternoons off. Nathan is taking a couple of days off too, so we're going to enjoy some good quality time together (hopefully playing with our new awesome Christmas present and sharing in some good recreational intimacy :).

Thanks fam!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Earbud Fairies

I will never understand this mystery.

You roll up headphones, wrap them around ipod, and lay them gently into your purse. Pull them out an hour later and they are in knots.

How does this happen? Literally, I put my headphones in my purse before work. At work, my purse hung on a wall rack all afternoon. I went to get them on my lunch break, and it took me nearly my whole break to untangle them.

Same thing with Christmas lights. They sit in the attic ALL YEAR! What happens between the time you roll them up into a nice little bundle, and the time you are cursing at them the following year. I'm very curious. Do mice climb into the box and twist up all the wires? Does the invisible headphone fairy steal my earbuds for hours at a time and replace them in a fashion less satisfying than she found them in.

I want to put hidden cameras in my purse and in the Christmas boxes. This mystery must be solved. Unite againts the earbud fairies. It's time we won this war.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Prodigal Stella

Disclaimer: Before anyone reads this, they must understand that we have paid our full respects and I was encouraged greatly by all my family members to write this blog.

Stella is my beloved car. For those of you close to me, you have undoubtedly heard me talk about my wondermous car, or perhaps even taken a ride inside her cozy powder blue, leather interior. Unbeknownst to most of you, I inherited this car from my lovely great grandmother (the one we said goodbye to this past weekend).

Although perhaps "inherited" is not the right word. In her eyes, I stole Stella. Now, you must understand that in her later years, granny was a fully capable human being, but her mind was not all there. As sad as it was at times, usually her rants about her missing vehicle were quite more than hysterical and truly enjoyed by all the recipients of her spiteful remarks. Even though granny fully relented her driving privileges when she moved into her assisted living home, she didn't remember it that way for long. And even though granny agreed to sign over the car to nana and papa, so they could give it to me for Christmas, that's not the way she ever chose to see it.

We all became evil in her eyes (but only with respect to the car. She loved us dearly in all other conversation topics). First she got mad at nana for stealing her car. Then she got mad at me for not bringing it back to her, even though I was so close to her. Then she got mad at mom and would say "boy, I wish Stephanie would bring my car back." She had no idea that she'd handed over the car willingly, but truly convinced herself that we had stolen it from her, only to make her life miserable. Every single day she would write letters to nana (sometimes two or three times per day) saying how much she missed her car and how she wished we'd return it to her because we were just being mean. She threatened to go buy a new car (which I believe she tried to do on a few occassions, only to find out that the doors on her home had a code that only the nurses knew, and for some reason they just wouldn't let her go buy a new car)!

Every time I've seen nana and papa for the past three years, they've had a new story about granny and "her" car. If you're reading this and you're thinking "wow these people are terrible", trust me, you would have laughed had you been there. And I truly believe, now that granny has full capacity back to her body, that she's up there laughing about this with us.

However, even I have lines.

This past weekend, as we were leaving the funeral, Kevin and I were getting ready to leave and come back to Indiana. Mom looks at me and says, "I hope Stella doesn't die. Wouldn't that just be too ironic for words." And then she laughed...for a very uncomfortable amount of time. Granted, it was funny...but COME ON MOM!!!! Then we began to contemplate the true irony of the situation...granny had been begging us to bring her car back to Columbia since we "took it" from her. It hasn't been to Columbia since it left, until the day that she passed away.

Granny went home, and Stella went home. I think she knew Stella was there, and I think it made her happy :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kevie Poo

As you may have read on my mom's blog, my great-grandmother passed away yesterday morning.

As a result, I will be hauling my newly Indiana tagged car down through Kentucky twice now instead of once (once this weekend for the funeral, and again next weekend to have Christmas with my family). So for the four days inbetween, Kevin is coming to stay with me! I'm very excited! It'll be nice to have a little company while Nathan is working such a crazy schedule (although he says it'll be better this coming week), and apparently Kevin is really excited. That makes Kacey happy :)

So if you don't hear from me much next week, it's probably because I'm helping Kevin finish his Christmas shopping, or playing Scene It.

As for this weekend, pray for safe travels for my whole family as we go to Columbia and back, and also for Nana as she deals with the loss of her mom.

Monday, December 08, 2008

My Hard-Workin Mr.

So today is not the biggest time marker in the world, but it's our four month wedding anniversary. (Next month will be the one year anniversary of our first date.)

My poor hubby is exhausted. He has worked somewhere in the neighborhood of ninety hours this week. He was forced to transfer his only daytime supervisor, and indefinitely suspend his overnight person, due to circumstances beyond his control...and he has also been forced to fill their holes. He has worked overnight every single night this week but one, and also stayed through the days. He is averaging about three to four hours of sleep per afternoon before he wakes back up and has to go back in for the night.

He is not working tonight, but he just got home a little while ago, and he has to go back in at five in the morning.

Right now, to celebrate our anniversary, he's fallen asleep on me.

I have the most adorable husband in the whole world. He helped me finish decorating the Christmas tree, because we bought our "first Christmas" ornament, and then we laid down on the couch. He's all curled up in a ball, laying on my shoulder, and I can't imagine any other place in the world I'd rather be right now.

Nathan, if you read this, happy anniversary babe. You're my whole world and I love you more every day...even on the days I don't see you. Hang in there darlin.

Love you,

Saturday, December 06, 2008

"Stair"ing at the Floor

I had a stroke of genius this afternoon.

Nathan and I were on our way to buy some boots for our angel tree kid. In an attempt to cheer my extremely exhausted husband up, I decided to do something I believed he would find cute (which usually makes him smile).

So I asked him, "hey hun, do you think I can slide down the stair rail?"

He didn't reply. He just stared. He looked at me as if he were glaring over a pair of old man glasses, even though his head was bare.

I did not heed this look of warning. In fact, the idiot alarm that most people have inside their heads must be lacking in my mess of gray matter (probably because I was born a Reynolds).

So I slid.

Now, if said alarm had gone off, it would have said "Do not attempt this at home! Your hands are full and you have your crazy "purse" the size of the greater Holland on your shoulder that causes you to walk with a limp, and will obviously throw off your balance!"

The slide was not much of a slide. Really not a slide at all. I did a triple lutz off the rail and landed on my head at the bottom of the stair case. I ended up with a nasty twist in my knee and a serious burn on three fingers of my right hand from an attempt to save my sorry butt from completely making an idiot out of myself.

Needless to say, Nathan got his cheering up. After a small freaking out session where he checked to make sure I wasn't broken or bleeding, he laughed. I laughed. We have both laughed all day long. I know it wasn't what I intended to happen, but the goal was acheived...even if the means were not so pleasant.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Top Ten Ways I'm Using my $80,000 College Degree

10. All that experience learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator has come in handy while I've been designing new tshirts for the coffee shop.

9. The festive Lipscomb stickers on the back of my car are the only reason I can come up with for why a cop still hasn't pulled me over for my expired tags. Distraction baby.

8. All the hours I spent standing in line for a jolt of caffine actually helped me complete the training for my current job without even knowing it.

7. The dorm decorating contest gave me several handy ideas that are currently used in my living room.

6. All of my school shirts and hoodies are putting my great new washing machine to good use. The suit mom bought me is making my closet look really super.

5. The writing I did in all of my journalism classes really helps when it comes to shorthanding in a pre-write, or titling my blogs. "Student Starts Fire in Dorm" translates well into "Kacey Starts Fire in Kitchen". True story. I lit the stove up good on Thanksgiving. That's what kitchen towels are for. That and for putting a barrier between my shirt and the sink when I'm scrubbing my skillets.

4. I appreciate my kitchen sink. Even though I've been handwashing my dishes since we moved in (although I got a new dishwasher last Thursday:) it's better than having to wash off my plastic walmart plates and my single coffee mug in the bathroom sink every day. I don't miss plastic silverware or my single cup coffee maker...or my ramen noodle hot pot for that matter. I appreciate my full size appliances.

3. The Greek...well...I have fun with it.

2. In all seriousness, I think one of the biggest reason I got a degree from the college I did, was so God could show me Saba. Any cheaper of an institution and my navigational skills would not have been honed enough to find such a tiny little speck on the map.

1. Last but not least, I learned how to man hunt from all those girls who were only at Lipscomb to receive their Mrs. degrees. I took those skills home (away from the mandatory Christian College Companionship Program, where girls ended up with rings on their fingers after only three dates and more pressure than a doctor with forceps) and I ended up with two Bachelors. One of them, I turned into a Mr. :)

Monday, December 01, 2008

Mugging Christmas

So last Friday, Chris and I took on the task of painting some holiday spirit onto the front window.

She used to hire a guy to do this on every holiday, but instead of putting his John Hancock on the window last Christmas, he threw up his Jack Daniels.

He has since been let go.

So we attempted some Christmas cheer. We thought "what better than to put up some Christmas colored coffee mugs, and put little Christmas decorations on them?!"

So the window says "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" (with the obligatory "Happy New Year" in Colt's blue), and there are brightly colored Christmas mugs all over the window.

In an attempt at creativity, I tried to put something wintery on my mug. I painted little snowflakes all over its bright red surface, and the front reads "Let it Snow". Now, I didn't really comprehend my own irony, but for those of you that know me pretty well, you understand my hatred for all things snowy. Cold and wet are not my ideas of fun. I love Christmas, yes...but I'd just assume have Christmas among the palm trees and the warm ocean than have a traditional "White Christmas". I figured maybe the hot coffee inside the mug would counteract the fake wish for Christmas condensation, but no.

It has snowed. Hard. All day. Everyone has complimented my mug, saying that it's the cutest one on the window, but I'm pretty sure God made it snow so that I would appreciate the situation. Not superstition, just stupidity. Never wish for something you don't want.

I think I might go change my mug message to "Let it Money"...