Thursday, November 13, 2008

Praying for Chocolate Milk

So for you to better understand the travesty that was the last two days, let me briefly catch you up.

People who use dishonesty as a management style might need to think about switching to a career as a politician.

So I put in two days of work, although one hour was enough to tell my instincts that this was not a place I wanted to spend my daytime hours. However, the second morning I went in to work, I decided to stop by this local coffee shop for my required cup'o'joe. The owner happened to be working that morning, and one might say that we were kindred spirits from the start. We chatted about all sorts of life goings-on, and what brought us to the places we were in now. As she made my large pumpkin spice latte (made from real pumpkin, not that fake stuff they use at the corporate mongers), she asked me where I was working. I told her I had just taken this dreadful position at the mall across the street. She made a face that showed an amount of pity larger than the cup of coffee she made, and followed it up with "well are you interested in switching jobs?" I told her that I was no less than a fellow addict, and that working in a coffee shop for me would be similar to telling a small child that they owned all the candy in the world and only had to share if people paid them for it :) but that if she was looking for a daytime person, I'd love to apply. She gave me an application and I told her I would fill it out and bring it right back when I got off work.

So I did. I brought it back later that day , after what was close to the second most frustrating day of my semi-adolescent life, and met Jason (the aformentioned kindred spirit Kris' husband - they co-own the shop). He told me that he'd been expecting me, and that he was really glad to meet me because his wife had good things to say about me.

This morning: I got a call from Kris saying that she'd love to interview me tomorrow or Saturday if I could. I was out running errands, so I just decided to swing by the shop and set it up in person. (Referece my hundred things if you wish to refresh your memory on my hatred of phone conversations.) So I stopped in. She was very excited to see me and asked me if I could just do the interview now. I told her I had 45 minutes till I had to be somewhere and we preceeded to talk for the next 40. She high fived me and told me that she loved me. She offered me the job on the spot as her main weekday person, starting at a higher rate of pay than normal, just because she liked me.

Here's the kicker: not only am I completely stoked about this job, but have been praying that the right one would come along. Kris told me this afternoon that she is not a religious person, but because of a bad experience they had with the employee I will be replacing, she prayed to God that he would send her the right person that would be worthy to earn her trust again and help her with this business she has invested so much of her heart into. She told me that when I walked in yesterday that she just knew it would be a good fit, and that she really believes that God sent me to her.

I don't know about anybody else, but that's reason enough for me to take the job right there.

So as for JCPenney's, the proper managers have been alerted of the problems, and I have been assured that this will no longer continue to be a problem for the girls who still work there (mostly young working mothers who HAVE to have a paycheck and couldn't afford to lose their jobs over trying to solve this problem). So I believe that I was put there for a reason. If I had not worked there, I would not have found my new favorite coffee shop until she'd already hired someone else. And who knows, but hopefully I was able to make life better for a few people in the process. Everyone's time is too valuable to be wasted with lies and bad work ethics. As for me, God definitely gave me a big 'ol glass of chocolate milk...or maybe a large peppermint mocha... :)


Lesli said...

I'm in tears!! What an awesome few days. I'm sorry it started so poorly, but am glad you'll be in a place where you're respected & treated the way you should be! It will make getting up in the morning so much easier!! Love ya girl!

MichaelPolutta said...

Great story! God bless you as you model Jesus to your new boss/family.

~ Stephanie. said...

Mommy is so proud. More of your writing than your job.

You are one kick-butt good writer! :o)

Though I think you mean post-adolescent life not semi-adolescent.

See you in 7 hours!!!!!!!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Your mom's right - you are a great writer. Inspiring story! I love you, too!