Monday, November 10, 2008

Striped Knee Socks and Santa Clauses

It's not much, but I'm at least going to be working at a portrait studio over the holidays.  That means we'll have money to do our Christmas shopping with!  Yay!!!!  Mostly, I think I'll be pulling backgrounds, and making appointments, and probably dealing with a very cranky Santa Claus at some point, but's a start.

Currently, I'm doing the last little bit of unpacking that's been stacked in our spare bedroom...but I'm really only motivated to do that because mom and dad are coming to visit this weekend, and they need a place to sleep :)

I really don't know a whole lot right now...all I know is that I'm sitting here in Nathan's shorts, a sweater and my green and pink striped knee socks (it's cold)...but perhaps I'll have some funny stories to tell after I start working (which is tomorrow morning, by the way).  For now, I'm gonna finish stacking up all of our many, many, many books...and try to find a place for all of the ones that won't fit on my new bookshelf. :) It's pretty, but not extremely practical.

Oh yeah! I made a pork tenderloin for dinner a couple nights ago.  It was freakin good.  Just thought I'd share my recent cooking success :)  I haven't tried the cookie thing in a while...I lost my nerve.


~ Stephanie. said...

I love that you title your blogs like I do . . . that is exactly the title I would have picked!

We are looking forward to seeing you Friday night!!!! We expect a "freakin' good" home-cooked meal :o)

Hope the job is at least fun!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Spare bedroom?! Wow, you're living fancy. :D Good job with the tenderloin, by the way! For the record, I don't even know what a pork tenderloin is.