Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I heard on the radio that they (whoever "they" really is) have added a new word to the dictionary.

Meh: A sign of indifference or apathy.

E.g. "How was your day, honey?" "Meh, it was okay."

How ridiculous is that?!?!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Skipping Thanksgiving

I'm so jazzed that it's almost Christmas!

I know this might be slightly premature (since Thanksgiving hasn't even hit yet) but if it were up to me, I'd completely pass over Halloween and Thanksgiving, and just have a 3 month-long Christmas celebration.

It makes me happy...(in case you didn't pick up on that).

I had a day off today. So, after a much needed, and much informative chiropractic visit, I decided to get some Christmas shopping done. I got it all done. :) (Well my side of the family at least...I forget that I have another side of the family to shop for now :)

Now what to get the in-laws???

I'll figure that out tomorrow...right now, I'm going to go set up my Christmas tree!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Double Shot of Jesus

Stoked is not a big enough word. I have to share this before my head explodes.

First of all, I absolutely love my new job. Could not be happier.

Chris (I discovered it's short for Christina, and therefore spelled with a "C", not a "K"), is absolutely amazing. For the past two days, she and I have been the only ones working at the shop, so it has been a very hands on, involved training period. Thus being said, we've had plenty of time to chat. She has an amazing story, and a heart of 24ct gold (pure and wonderful, but just as soft as clay). She and I have really been getting to know each other over the past couple of days, and I think it's safe to say that we very much enjoy each other's company. So, knowing some of her story, I decided to be very open with her about mine. That just made her fall in love with me apparently, and she began telling me even more. Struggles and strengths, highs and lows...you name it, she's been there. To see the person she is now, you'd never believe it.

She's a verge-Christian (my term for almost there, but doesn't quite know how to believe it yet). She told me she believed in God and she thinks there is a Holy Spirit, because she doesn't know how she got to where she is if there wasn't somebody getting her there...but she just doesn't know about this Jesus thing. She has no trouble understanding that he existed and was a wonderful humanitarian, but how he plays into the whole "Christianity" thing, she just doesn't get.

She's hungry. Somebody came in this morning talking about Obama being the Anti-Christ(She came from California, so we both had a chuckle about how people can have such total disregard for anyone's beliefs but their own). She said something about how she didn't really understand the Anti-Christ thing, and I said something about it being a theory based out of Revelation. Then her questions started. She literally just sat with a gaping mouth while I briefly told her what I believed about Revelation, and about John and him being exiled while he wrote the book. Her response was "HOLY COW I'M SO EXCITED!!!! YOU CAN TEACH ME ALL THIS BIBLE STUFF!!!!" I told her that I was by no means an expert, but that I'd be glad to help her find the answers she was looking for. She wants to start a Bible study on Wednesdays, and I told her I'd try to find her a basic book on some general Biblical knowledge stuff that she could just read through at her own pace, and she jumped up and down. She is literally so hungry for something. She wants to believe, she just wants to understand. I now know why God put me in this job.

Pray for my wisdom: to tell her and show her things that will help her see Jesus, and to be a tool for her to use as she searches for God.

Pray for Chris: To be open to new ideas, and to keep the hunger that she has now, even when she faces road blocks.

I've never had something like this just dumped in my lap before (at least not that I recognized), but it's a great feeling to know that I am in a place where God can use me and where my experience with the blood of Jesus and his forgiveness can become tangible.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Praying for Chocolate Milk

So for you to better understand the travesty that was the last two days, let me briefly catch you up.

People who use dishonesty as a management style might need to think about switching to a career as a politician.

So I put in two days of work, although one hour was enough to tell my instincts that this was not a place I wanted to spend my daytime hours. However, the second morning I went in to work, I decided to stop by this local coffee shop for my required cup'o'joe. The owner happened to be working that morning, and one might say that we were kindred spirits from the start. We chatted about all sorts of life goings-on, and what brought us to the places we were in now. As she made my large pumpkin spice latte (made from real pumpkin, not that fake stuff they use at the corporate mongers), she asked me where I was working. I told her I had just taken this dreadful position at the mall across the street. She made a face that showed an amount of pity larger than the cup of coffee she made, and followed it up with "well are you interested in switching jobs?" I told her that I was no less than a fellow addict, and that working in a coffee shop for me would be similar to telling a small child that they owned all the candy in the world and only had to share if people paid them for it :) but that if she was looking for a daytime person, I'd love to apply. She gave me an application and I told her I would fill it out and bring it right back when I got off work.

So I did. I brought it back later that day , after what was close to the second most frustrating day of my semi-adolescent life, and met Jason (the aformentioned kindred spirit Kris' husband - they co-own the shop). He told me that he'd been expecting me, and that he was really glad to meet me because his wife had good things to say about me.

This morning: I got a call from Kris saying that she'd love to interview me tomorrow or Saturday if I could. I was out running errands, so I just decided to swing by the shop and set it up in person. (Referece my hundred things if you wish to refresh your memory on my hatred of phone conversations.) So I stopped in. She was very excited to see me and asked me if I could just do the interview now. I told her I had 45 minutes till I had to be somewhere and we preceeded to talk for the next 40. She high fived me and told me that she loved me. She offered me the job on the spot as her main weekday person, starting at a higher rate of pay than normal, just because she liked me.

Here's the kicker: not only am I completely stoked about this job, but have been praying that the right one would come along. Kris told me this afternoon that she is not a religious person, but because of a bad experience they had with the employee I will be replacing, she prayed to God that he would send her the right person that would be worthy to earn her trust again and help her with this business she has invested so much of her heart into. She told me that when I walked in yesterday that she just knew it would be a good fit, and that she really believes that God sent me to her.

I don't know about anybody else, but that's reason enough for me to take the job right there.

So as for JCPenney's, the proper managers have been alerted of the problems, and I have been assured that this will no longer continue to be a problem for the girls who still work there (mostly young working mothers who HAVE to have a paycheck and couldn't afford to lose their jobs over trying to solve this problem). So I believe that I was put there for a reason. If I had not worked there, I would not have found my new favorite coffee shop until she'd already hired someone else. And who knows, but hopefully I was able to make life better for a few people in the process. Everyone's time is too valuable to be wasted with lies and bad work ethics. As for me, God definitely gave me a big 'ol glass of chocolate milk...or maybe a large peppermint mocha... :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Foreign Tap Water

Starting a new Job: It's like spending the night in someone else's house, and getting up in the middle of the night to get a drink. You take a big, middle-of-the-night-lips-dried-out-incredibly-thirsty kind of swig, only to discover that their tap water is not nearly up to par with yours. There's probably not really anything wrong with theirs, it's just so much different than yours that you almost spit it out. You swallow that first gulp reluctantly, dump out the rest of your glass, and then sneak a peek in the fridge to see if they have any chocolate milk.

I took a big swig of some nasty mineral water. I'm dying for some chocolate milk now. I'm gonna have to wash this down with something good.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Striped Knee Socks and Santa Clauses

It's not much, but I'm at least going to be working at a portrait studio over the holidays.  That means we'll have money to do our Christmas shopping with!  Yay!!!!  Mostly, I think I'll be pulling backgrounds, and making appointments, and probably dealing with a very cranky Santa Claus at some point, but hey...it's a start.

Currently, I'm doing the last little bit of unpacking that's been stacked in our spare bedroom...but I'm really only motivated to do that because mom and dad are coming to visit this weekend, and they need a place to sleep :)

I really don't know a whole lot right now...all I know is that I'm sitting here in Nathan's shorts, a sweater and my green and pink striped knee socks (it's cold)...but perhaps I'll have some funny stories to tell after I start working (which is tomorrow morning, by the way).  For now, I'm gonna finish stacking up all of our many, many, many books...and try to find a place for all of the ones that won't fit on my new bookshelf. :) It's pretty, but not extremely practical.

Oh yeah! I made a pork tenderloin for dinner a couple nights ago.  It was freakin good.  Just thought I'd share my recent cooking success :)  I haven't tried the cookie thing in a while...I lost my nerve.