Thursday, October 02, 2008

My 100

I did one of these a long time ago, but it has since been lost on my former Houdini blog, and is now in the oblivion of the internet black hole. So it's time for a new list.  This is a slightly unconventional list in that, it's not just things about me, but a catch up on our new life...some things that are exclusive to me, others that are just telling you what's been going on.

1. I'm married to the cutest boy in the world.

2. We just moved to Indianapolis, IN. and I live within 5 minutes of TWO SuperTargets. Be jealous.

3. I'm a complete and total coffee addict. I'm pretty sure my blood has been replaced with a robust Columbian blend.

4. I finally got a new cell phone, which is a very good thing considering my old one had developed a mind of it's own. I think it began pushing the limits of Artificial Intelligence. It did things I didn't tell it to do, and it would no longer comply to the commands I gave it...NOT the purpose of a cell phone.

5. I have a birthmark on my wrist that looks like the eagle on the front of the quarter. It's freaky.

6. Dark chocolate. I don't even have to say anything else.

7. I would be completely fine if the world were totally green. Not environmentally, just the color.

8. I HATE looking for new jobs. Especially right's not easy.

9. I love seafood. I can no longer eat seafood. My dearly beloved is deathly allergic to shellfish, and it makes me cry on a regular basis. We went out to dinner the other night with some people from his work, and they ordered stuffed mushrooms. I was about to pop one in my mouth when he asked what they were stuffed with. Someone said, "I think it's crab meat." I dropped the mushroom back down to my plate and stared at it with some pretty intense hatred. This weekend, mom and I are going out for sushi.

10. Rainstorms make me extremely happy. Hence, my favorite season would have to be Spring.

11. There's their, there, and they're. Don't get them confused, and we'll still be friends.

12. It's 'new-clee-er', not 'nu-cue-ler'. Adhere to this rule, and we can definitely be friends. Nathan says it the wrong way all the time just to get on my nerves. He's lucky he's so cute ;)

13. Answer this: On the topic of green and nuclear, what color is our current energy? Because I wasn't aware that it was visible...

14. I have multi-colored eyes. 

15. I have been stung by 4 jellyfish. For one of those stings, I had to be carted off an airplane in a wheelchair. A swollen ankle and a 40,000 ft. altitude don't mix very well.

16. I have a purple pillow that Nathan no longer allows me to sleep with. Apparently I liked to cuddle with it more than I did with him....

17. I graduated with a degree in Journalism, same as my mother. The dark chocolate thing, same as my mother. Favorite color is green, same as my mother. photographic nut job, same as my mother. Hatred of all things involving the kitchen, same as my mother. Facial structure: dad. If you ever catch me with a towel on my head and no make-up on, you'll run away in fear.

18. I despise, with every bone in my body, country music. 

19. I just got cable and discovered the Top Design show. I'm hooked. The bomb shelter thing was my favorite.

20. I have a joint bank account. Still getting used to that one....

21. My dishwasher is broken. Remember that thing about hating the kitchen...well handwashing dishes is WAY worse than cooking in those dishes.

22. I have no idea who I'm going to vote for. But quite honestly, I'm not registered in Indiana yet, and the deadline was last I may not be voting at all.

23. I still have two full sets of Pyrex dishes, unopened. We already have a full set in the kitchen. Anybody need some glassware?

24. The fish from the wedding got put into Nana's fish pond, where she has fish that she's managed to keep alive for 16 years. The wedding fish ate the other ones. What does that say?

25. Movie nut. If you've seen it, chances are, I've seen it and can also tell you every single person who was in it. Also, expert Kevin Bacon connector. Google it and you'll know what I mean...or you can just ask my mother as she is the person I have forced to play with me for years.

26. I quit biting my fingernails! But only when Nathan told me that he wouldn't give me an engagement ring until I did. I'm 8 months clean...(minus one incident at the movies the other was scary).

27. The Office is...well let's just say that I have the special editions of all 4 seasons on DVD and I was glued to my couch for the premier of season 5. Jim and Pam <3 

28. I miss my college intramural volleyball team. I need to find another athletic outlet... 

29. My car still says "Just Hitched" on the back window, and there are still post it notes all over my backseat. 

30. I just bought new throw pillows for our couch. They're brown and sage and a really silvery blue stripped. Way cute. They match the brown and green throws that we got for our wedding shower. 

31. I love the news, but I've had to break myself of it because it's starting to scare me. 

32. My brother is currently the most annoying person in the world...but I love him terribly. 

33. Nathan makes fun of me because I carry a suitcase everywhere I go. Well, not really a suitcase, but he likes to make fun of me for the size of my purses. I think he believes I carry sandbags, not handbags. I just tell him it's my Mary Poppins purse, and that whatever he needs, I'll always have it. I've proved that right a couple of times. He doesn't make fun of me so much anymore. 

34. We're addicted to Buffalo Wild Wings. It's great because we can get boneless chicken wings and cheese fries (or buffalo chips) for pretty cheap. He watches sports, and I play the trivia games. It's the perfect place for us. We frequent there, and we've already found all the surrounding Buffalo's in this area. In fact, that was the first thing we noticed when we got off the exit to move into our apartment. Sad? Our premarital counselor would have called it "recreational intimacy". At least that's what we tell ourselves... 

35. Speaking of cheese fries...... 

36. Have I mentioned that my attention span is about 2 inches long? --------------------------- 

37. Great number. It was my jersey number in club. 

38. I haven't unpacked my books yet because I don't have a place to put them. In all of the wonderful closet space that this new apartment provides us with, still no place for 500 books...why is that?? We're going bookshelf shopping very soon. Say "bookshelf shopping" 3 times, really fast.... 

39. I have a vcr/dvd player hooked up on the nightstand by the bed. The tv is in the living room...with the other tv. "why?" you may ask... Because our second form of recreational intimacy is video games. Only, we don't like to play any of the same we need two tv's. Yeah, we know it's a little sad. 

40. Spiders are from Satan. There was a brown recluse in my kitchen last night.  I got up to get a glass of water, and my scream woke Nathan up. :(

 41. Baskin Robbins Rainbow Sherbet. Nothing better...except Coldstone's Birthday Cake with sprinkles...that might be better. Opinions? 

42. I had my last birthday in the caribbean. I ate steak and watched the Olympics. :) 

43. I have confiscated all of Nathan's hoodies. Every time he starts looking for one now, he knows to check my side of the closet first. 

44. Speaking of closets, we could fit our queen sized bed into ours...that's my favorite part of our new apartment ;)

 45. I call my mother "maw". Contrary to her belief, this is not a derogatory term. It's simply short for "maaaaawwwwmmmmmmmy"...which is what I always say when I need her. So I think she should take it as a compliment. It's like I always need her (tear, sniffle, whimper). Instead, she has taken offense and begun to call me "hag". That is offensive. It's like a wart-nosed witch. I didn't think that was a term you used for your best friend... 

46. My new washing machine sings to me. Every time it finishes a load, it sings me a little tune to let me know it's done. I told Nathan about it the first time, and he didn't believe me. So I did a load of laundry just to prove it to him. It freaked him out thoroughly. I think he believes the washing machine has a mind of it's own like my cell phone. 

47. I don't see what the big problem is with the new facebook. I kinda like it. It keeps everything in one place so you don't have to run all over and figure out what's going on. Stop whining you facebook babies. It's still better than myspace. 

48. I love summertime, but I like winter clothes. It's a never ending paradox for me. I wish our bodies didn't have to feel temperature so that I could wear sweaters and hoodies all the time. 

49. I always have a favorite fingernail. Last week it was my left pinky, but it has since broken, and therefore has been replaced by my right ring finger. 

50. I love Christmas. It's amazing and wonderful and awesome and amazing and all those other things... And I don't even like it for the presents. I love Christmas shopping, and I love Christmas trees. I get that last part from my nana. At a record high, I once counted 17 trees in her house at Christmas. It was great.

 51. Nathan keeps trying to show me how to tie and tie (at my request), but I cannot do it. Something to do with that lack of hand/eye coordination thing I think... 

52. Life is not the same without my toxic Nalgene. I miss it. No other water bottle does it for me. 

53. We didn't discover the train tracks next to our apartment until after we moved in. Luckily, I think the only time a train ever comes through is at 4:00 every afternoon. Hopefully I won't even be home at that time pretty soon... 

54. I bought new socks. They all have colored elastic around the edges. They are all different colors. Laundry is so much easier. Plus, I can coordinate my socks with my outfits. Bringin' back the 90's baby. 

55. I cannot make cookies. I keep trying and I keep failing. Nathan seems to think I'm a great cook otherwise...but the whole non-pre packaged cookie thing....still having trouble with that one. And neither one of us can figure out what I'm doing wrong. It's an anomaly of drastic proportions. I'm going back to slice 'n bakes. 

56. I have 100 channels. This morning, while I ate breakfast, I watched cartoon network. I'm still at 8-year-old kid at heart. 

57. I have this pretty wedding scrapbook that I was going to start putting together the other day, but then I realized that all of my scrapbooking supplies are still in my closet at mom's house. 5 hours is a long way to go for scrapbooking stuff.

58. The Office came on last night. Bet you can't guess what I was doing...?

59. Classic literature = love 

60. I pull on my eyelashes. It's a nervous habit that I'm pretty sure replaced the biting of the fingernails, but frequently my thumb nails are black because they are covered with mascara. 

61. My favorite book is 1984. However, I hated Animal Farm. Now, I'm a Disney movie nut, but all of Orwell's talking animals just plain freaked me out. 

62. I like all berries except the kinds with straws, and I swallow watermelon seeds. I do not believe (contrary to what my mother told me) that my stomach lining is condusive to the growth of a watermelon vine. 

63. I also chew on popcorn seeds. I'm not really a big popcorn person, but I like to suck the salt off the seeds after the popcorn is gone. 

64. I lived in Tennessee for 4 1/2 years, and I got a TN driver's license a month before I found out I was moving to Indiana. But it's okay, because IN's driver's licenses are pink. :) 

65. I like Bruce Willis movies. But my favorite movie (besides The Lion King) is a Hugh Grant flick (Love Actually)....who was in Notting Hill with Julia Roberts, who was in Flatliner's with Kevin Bacon......oh, sorry...habit. 

66. Not only does the back end of my car still say "just hitched", but the front windshield, slightly affected by the rain, now only says "brown chicken". It gets LOTS of funny looks. I just can't bring myself to get rid of it... 

67. Every time I see an Indiana license plate (which is quite frequently now), I've taken to doing the Steve Martin bit from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, where he yells "Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma"...only I've transposed the states. I told Nathan I would do this until he took me to get my own Indiana car tags. 

68. I liked working at a florist. Mainly because I love plants, I just don't like remembering to water them. Or better yet, I never remember to water them. Cut flowers are perfect. You stick them in water, and then you wait for them to die. It's a temporary fix, but fulfilling nonetheless.

69. I've discovered another way that I'm like my mother...I don't like new towels.  All those pretty, new, soft towels we got for our wedding...I can't stand drying off with them!  They are too soft and they don't actually dry.  Nathan loves them.  So I'm letting him use them until they get ratty.  Then I'll buy him some new ones and I'll use the old ones.

70. My new phone has a GPS in I can't get lost anymore :)

71. My new favorite flowers are Alstroemeria.

72. I hate pens that don't click.  Lids are just for chewing on and losing.

73. Call me a carnivore, but beef is what's for dinner :)

74. I hate blow drying my hair.  Maybe more than I hate doing the dishes.  I have no idea why.

75. Our internet is giving us some massive problems.  It's not working more than it is working.  So I called our Comcast guy.  He was no help.  He told me to call the hotline.  So I dialed 1-888-COMCAST, and followed all of the prompts until the nice computer lady knew that I was having problems with my modem.  She told me she would connect me to a customer service rep. so they could diagnose the problem.  I wait.....  A few minutes later, the nice computer lady comes back on and says "I'm sorry, a customer service representative could not be reached at this time.  We're sorry for the inconvenience.  Please visit for further assistance."  Seriously?  I called you because my internet DOESN'T work!

76. I've nearly exhausted the cookbook mom gave me before the wedding.  I'm rather proud of myself.  Now, I'm obviously not making brownies from scratch like little miss Sara, but it's a start.

77. I have two job interviews next week. :) :) :)

78. Between the two of us, the only movies that Nathan and I both owned were America's Sweethearts and Batman (and season 1 of The Office).  I believe that says something about us as a couple.

79. I'm pretty sure we've settled on a church.  A lady called me the other day and started recruiting me for children's ministry and the praise team.  Sounds good to me!

80. I have watched more sports in the last two months than I have in my entire life.  I even know that Tom Brady is out for the season, and Tony Romo fractured his pinky. Why do I know that????? I also know that if freaking BJ Upton would run out a hit, he might actually get on base once in a while. That boy sure can catch a ball, but it was totally his fault that they lost game 1. 

81. I'm coming home today for my mommy's birthday!  We're gonna watch dumb movies and eat sushi.  I'm stoked.

82. Lindsay asked me the other day if we were having any babies yet.  The answer is still a resounding "NO".  Not for a while.........a long while............

83. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove thunderstorms. I may have said that already...but it's still very true.

84. Chocolate chips go well with everything.

85. I have a pantry in my new kitchen.  It's stocked with minute rice, chicken noodle soup and fruit roll-ups (the organic kind, of course)...  :)

86.  <- That's the year I was born. Apparently just 86 even, not 1986...

87. I think I've only messed up writing my new name once.  I thought it would take me forever.

88. I have just as much fun playing with Nathan's new cordless drill as he does.  Only I'm not productive with it.  I just sit there and watch it spin...then I flip it and watch it spin the other direction.  I told you I have an attention span as long as a pen cap.

89. My favorite shoes are still my Old Navy flip flops.  Especially the new ones they came out with this year that have the toe strap. Those make me happy :)

90. It's not very hard to make me happy.

91. Aletha called me the other day to ask if I was going to Saba in March...  :( I had to tell her that I didn't think I could. I think I died a little on the inside.  Oh, June...

92. I will defend Batman to my grave.  I don't care what you say about Superman, Batman is still the bomb-diggity.

93. <- The year my crazy, Superman loving brother was born.  He starts driving next year :(

94. Die Hard was on tv this morning, so I watched it while I was filling out more job applications.

95. I really want to get my hair cut short again...

96. The marvelous Sara has posted our wedding pictures :) They'll be ready for the public eye soon... 

97.  I find it very disturbing that the M&M characters in the commercials eat actual M&M's. Slightly cannibalistic if you ask me.  Weirds me out.

98. Every morning, right after Nathan leaves for work, I get a cup of coffee and sit on the couch and watch Jimmy Neutron. :)

99. The Lion King will always be my favorite. And yes, I do still cry every time I watch the stampede scene.

100. It's raining...and I have to drive now.  That calls for a cup o' Starbucks goodness. See y'all Sunday :) 


~ Stephanie. said...

WHERE DO I START??? I love you, daughter-dear. Yes, you are MUCH like me, except for your weird little phobias and the shape of your pretty face. And thanks for NOT posting MY birthyear next to its number :o)

E.T.'s Mom said...

I sooo needed a good dose of Kacey! Thanks for the laughs and for catching us all up on your life in the exciting new big city.

*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

Holy taledo!!! I got mentioned.... I HAVE THOSE SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MichaelPolutta said...

Welcome back. Bummer on the seafood. Natalie always has at least one extra pillow on the bed.

Don't forget "affect" and "effect" - keep those straight as well. And ALOT is NOT a word! Neither is irregardless.

Congratulations on the nail biting!

I hope you find work soon.

janjanmom said...


OOOOH and I can't resist...that would be a striped pillow not a stripped pillow-unless you totally took all its clothes off.

Kacey Leigh said...

He wasn't correcting my grammar, simply adding to the list of grammatical faux pas.

Besides, I'm doing my own painting to go behind my who's to say I'm not stripping my throw pillows?