Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'M BACK!!!!

It's been forever, I know...but I haven't had internet since I quit my nannying job (before the wedding). So forgive me for the disappearing act; I've now resurfaced in Indianapolis.

Nathan got his promotion! Yay! They moved us in less than a week. Boo.

It was a mad house of quitting my job, packing, cleaning, banking, dealing, etc. Basically...all things I'm not so keen on.

Anyway, thanks to the much needed help of the Anderson/Hughes clan and Randy Bridges, we got completely moved in last Saturday. Now I begin the job hunting.

But let's rewind for a second...here's a few honeymoon pictures:

Flip flops that said bride and groom on top, and when you walked in the sand, they left "just married" prints.
(Courtesy of Vicki Anderson)

We went to this beach on my birthday. We quickly discovered that even the Dutch beaches are sometimes as dangerous as the French beaches...

So we went on a boat trip instead...it was a submarine type thing with a viewing room that took us all around the reef off the coast of the island.

This was the beach by front street where we did all of our shopping. We also got caught in a massive (when I say massive, I mean tropical) rain storm. But because of the rain, we ate at this hole in the wall place and had the best chicken kabobs we've ever eaten in our lives.

All in all...a pretty good trip.

Okay, more later. For now, the job hunting commences yet again.

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*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

Good luck with that!! I MISS YOU KACEY!!!!