Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I keep forgetting to blog.

I've been sickly all weekend, and I have a severe lack of voice to prove it. Nathan has started calling me squeeky.

I fear that I have nothing to blog about because my mother has already beaten me to everything. By the time I remember to blog about something, she's already 4 posts ahead of me.

Please RSVP. I can and will continue to echo what mom said about that. This is NOT a traditional wedding...even though it's in the church, you MUST RSVP. Not please...MUST. If you don't, I cannot promise that you will have a chair. Even if you do, I cannot promise that you will have a chair ;) (Just had to throw that one in there for maw...love ya woman ;)

Mkay...back to the kid (who has learned how to crawl...but does it by using his head. I'll demonstrate later if you need me to). Later peoples.

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~ Stephanie. said...

We're at 174 and counting. That's already 22 tables full. I THINK there is room for 24 tables if we squish. SQUISH! If you are helping with the wedding in any way, you can expect to stand. A lot. But I promise the bride will be beautful and the food will be amazing!