Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why 8?

What's so significant about the number 8? If I can't think of 8 things, just blame the lack of numbers on my lacking math skills...

8 things I am passionate about:

*Nathan (I don't know if he counts as family yet... so he gets his own number :)
*Saban children
*Good Music
*Diet Coke and Nutella (together or separate, but that was 8 so I had to smush them.)

8 Things I want to do before I die:
*Travel (New York and Australia 1st)
*Snorkel successfully (successfully means without swallowing 18 gallons of saltwater and freaking out.
*Learn how to finish books
*Sky Dive
*Have a house with a brick patio where I can plant daisies and sunflowers
*Have that house on Saba
*Be an English teacher
*Prove to my brother that Batman will always be cooler

8 things I say often:

*Need coffee now.
*Oooo...I liked that book! What happened at the end?
*Ouch, I'm sunburned.
*For tru???
*What did I just miss?
*Mom, really???
*Batman is the bomb-diggity.

8 books I have read lately: (I can tell you 8 books I have partially read lately)
*Harry potter (6, I think...I'm behind)
*Irresistible Revolution
*Rich Christians in the Age of Hunger
*I Am America and So Can You
*Wild At Heart
*And Then There Were None (yes mom, I've read it before...but it's so good I had to read it again)
*All of Shakespeare's comedies (that should count as a book)
* Captivating

8 movies I have watched more than 8 times:

*The Lion King
*Love Actually
*Die Hard
*Pirates of the Caribbean
*Cool Runnings
*America's Sweethearts
*Little Women
*Free Willy

8 people I'm tagging . . .
I don't tag people because it's!

In other news...I'll be home this weekend, because you guys are buying me presents!!! :) Haha...I'm very excited!!! LOVE Y'ALL!!!


~ Stephanie. said...

For somebody getting married on 8/8/08 at 8 p.m. you should understand the significance of "8". And I didn't REALLY tag you. And shouldn't Nathan rank above family? And "Really, Mom?" - what's that supposed to mean? And that's all I gots for now. Goober.

Kacey Leigh said...

They weren't in any specific order. And as for the 8/08/08 thing, sense the sarcasm. I understand the significance of 8. "Really, mom" is in regards to the many ridiculous comments you send me over text message, per day. I usually respond with something of the like.