Tuesday, June 24, 2008


You can ask my mother...I've been excited about a Randa basket that I could call my own since I was about 15. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about, but a Randa basket is that humongous present that overtakes the gift table at your shower, and basically provides you with all of the fun stuff that you forgot to register for. Mine is amazing. I haven't even gotten to the bottom of it yet, but it all matches, and it's all brilliant things that (like I said) we didn't think of. So thank you Randa, and thank you EVERYBODY!!!!

The shower was wonderful. I've never seen so many presents in my entire life! They overflowed onto 5 different tables! There were over a hundred people there, and enough food to feed twice that many! To all of the wonderful ladies who planned it, thank you so very much! We are so grateful to have such an amazing family at Reidland, and we love you all more than you know!

To Sara, I'm so sad that you and Mike couldn't be there...and even though you couldn't be there, the hostesses did an amazing job of filling in where you had to be absent. I love you both!! Thank you for all the help and support you've given Nathan and I during this time!

Now the next problem....I have to reschedule my bridal portraits. We were gonna do them this past Saturday, but since Sara was in Florida, that posed a minor problem. The current problem...the only weekend open between now and the wedding is this coming weekend. My dress has already been altered, but it is still locked up in the "alterer's" house...and she is on vacation...Not scheduled to come back until after I need my dress. Anybody know a locksmith???

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why 8?

What's so significant about the number 8? If I can't think of 8 things, just blame the lack of numbers on my lacking math skills...

8 things I am passionate about:

*Nathan (I don't know if he counts as family yet... so he gets his own number :)
*Saban children
*Good Music
*Diet Coke and Nutella (together or separate, but that was 8 so I had to smush them.)

8 Things I want to do before I die:
*Travel (New York and Australia 1st)
*Snorkel successfully (successfully means without swallowing 18 gallons of saltwater and freaking out.
*Learn how to finish books
*Sky Dive
*Have a house with a brick patio where I can plant daisies and sunflowers
*Have that house on Saba
*Be an English teacher
*Prove to my brother that Batman will always be cooler

8 things I say often:

*Need coffee now.
*Oooo...I liked that book! What happened at the end?
*Ouch, I'm sunburned.
*For tru???
*What did I just miss?
*Mom, really???
*Batman is the bomb-diggity.

8 books I have read lately: (I can tell you 8 books I have partially read lately)
*Harry potter (6, I think...I'm behind)
*Irresistible Revolution
*Rich Christians in the Age of Hunger
*I Am America and So Can You
*Wild At Heart
*And Then There Were None (yes mom, I've read it before...but it's so good I had to read it again)
*All of Shakespeare's comedies (that should count as a book)
* Captivating

8 movies I have watched more than 8 times:

*The Lion King
*Love Actually
*Die Hard
*Pirates of the Caribbean
*Cool Runnings
*America's Sweethearts
*Little Women
*Free Willy

8 people I'm tagging . . .
I don't tag people because it's mean...mom!

In other news...I'll be home this weekend, because you guys are buying me presents!!! :) Haha...I'm very excited!!! LOVE Y'ALL!!!

Monday, June 09, 2008


I'm back from what was officially the coolest week of my entire life. Culture shock has set in.

The wedding is 2 months from yesterday.

Mom is out of cell phone range. Boo.