Friday, May 09, 2008

Top ten reasons why Batman is better than Superman:

10: Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, and Christian Bale...vs. Christopher Reeves? What?

9: Flying car vs. red cape.

8: (For all you green people) Batman uses the resources that he has in his possession to create enough power to save the world. at the newspaper...a business that kills thousands of trees every day. Beat that.

7: Batman fights poverty, oppression and the abuse of underground druglords. Superman just repeatedly rescues Lois from her own stupidity...and occassionally he prevents some car accidents. But seriously, he's only had one arch nemisis. How much can you do after you've killed Lex Luther?

6: Alfred. Need I say more...

5: (For Mikey) Batman is not an avenger. He chooses to continue in the path his father began, to help the poor and oppressed of his society. When his mother and father were killed, he rose up to restore the society that forced people into the murderous lifestyles they had fallen into. Do we need a lesson in repentance and forgiveness???

4: Batman dresses in black. Like Johnny Cash, and the Men in Black - he makes that look gooooooood. Superman looks like he woke up at the circus.

3: Batman actually has a good disguise. You can't REALLY tell who he is when he has his costume on. Superman just takes his glasses off and puts some more gel in his little curl. Besides, now that there are no more phone booths, what does he do? Run into the nearest AT&T store????

2: Superman isn't really a superhero. He just came from a planet where they apparently had a lot more gravity.

1: Last but not least, HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN! He kicked Arnold's butt. Which means, he could technically take over California...but more importantly, Batman whooped up on Mr. Universe.


Kevin's BLAH-G said...

yeah you wish.

EmmaLeeAnne said...

HECK YES!!!! way to show him Kacey! i completely agree with you too! Batman is way better than Superman!

Nathan Anderson said...

okay, so, i agree mostly...except you acted like Val and George were pluses when they each a minus. I'm really surprised YOU, of all people, don't know that!

Nathan Anderson said...

Oh, and all of this makes me think of "God-Man" by Cadet. Yes, that's a Cadet reference! YAY

MichaelPolutta said...

I agree with Nathan. Clooney and Kilmer were not good. At all. Not even a little bit good. Really, REALLY bad. Very bad. Bad.

Still, I'll take Batman any day.

janjanmom said...

But Kilmer was sooo cute, he did not really have to act well.

Clooney-the only things he has ever done right is being born in an awesome state with a cool mom. He is kind of nice to look at but then he talks and ruins it.

So anyway-Batman rules, but I have to agree that Clooney was ill-equipped to play the role.

Superman wears underoos.

Kevin's BLAH-G said...

oh guess what SUPERMAN! is going to win by three whole votes.