Friday, May 30, 2008


Pray for safe flights and easy travel, pray for all my kiddos, and pray that I don't get sunburned!

I love you guys and I'll see everybody in a couple of weeks!!!!! Have a wonderful first week of June...I wish you could all be in Saba with me...(mom, how do you feel about changing the location of the wedding???)

Peace out people...I'm leaving on a jet plane (but I know I'll be back next Saturday night).

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Last night: I washed all of the dishes and packed up most of the kitchen. Did ALL the laundry and folded what I think was every single piece of clothing that Nathan owns.

Tonight: Finish packing the kitchen, clean out the fridge and start working on the bedroom. Everything I can get done tonight is that much less he has to do on Saturday morning before his family comes down (God bless the Anderson family and their trucks).

I missed The Office last week because we went to a Sounds game. They still haven't posted it online. I'm going crazy!

I know this is about as interesting as an orange, but truly, it's all that's on my mind right now! That and how to avoid awful tan lines while I'm in Saba, so I don't look like a zebra in my bridals....oh, and what the heck song am I gonna walk down the aisle to??? Sandy, you wanna play Clair de Lune in my wedding???

Can these next ten weeks PLEASE be over now???

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm bored.

I'm keeping a 4 month old 10 hours a day...and it's very dull.

I've had a constant headache for two weeks now...ask my mother why.

Nathan is moving out of his apartment this weekend and I won't be here to help him....Saba is making me a bad fiancee.

We registered last week!!! Bed Bath & Beyond, and was interesting. We got to play with the little gun thing and pick out lots of pretty stuff (although I didn't get to hold the gun very much ;)

Nathan was wonderful though...everything I even looked at and said "oooh, that's cute," he scanned didn't matter if he liked it. We had fun looking at all the stuff, and imagining what it would look like in our new apartment (which he moves into on Saturday). Two bedrooms, washer/dryer connections, walk-in closet...basically amazing.

Life's crazy. I think we're getting some finality on wedding plans. Invitations go out this week...? I'm having my bridals done the same weekend of our shower (21st and 22nd), and the wedding is in exactly 10 weeks and 3 days...yikes.

The most immediate thing on my mind...I have to pack for Saba. It's rapidly approaching and I'm SO not ready yet!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy late mother's day...

So my mom and I were discussing the amount of thank you notes that I need to get written, and she asked me if I was going to write her one...I told her that was silly. She said of all the people I should write thank you notes to, it should be to her. A thank you for teaching me how to spell and clean up after myself, and most importantly, to anticipate the foreshadowing in movies...even the really tricky ones.

So I told her I would blog about her.

Thanks mom, for teaching me to see and appreciate things that a lot of people miss. I'll never forget the first time I watched A Perfect Murder, and the maid threw the meat thermometor in the sink...and i screamed "OH NO SOMEBODY'S GONNA DIE!!!" That was a bonding moment in our lives. So I owe ya from that thing with that guy in that place...just rememeber, you're not quite yourself lately...

Friday, May 09, 2008

Top ten reasons why Batman is better than Superman:

10: Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, and Christian Bale...vs. Christopher Reeves? What?

9: Flying car vs. red cape.

8: (For all you green people) Batman uses the resources that he has in his possession to create enough power to save the world. at the newspaper...a business that kills thousands of trees every day. Beat that.

7: Batman fights poverty, oppression and the abuse of underground druglords. Superman just repeatedly rescues Lois from her own stupidity...and occassionally he prevents some car accidents. But seriously, he's only had one arch nemisis. How much can you do after you've killed Lex Luther?

6: Alfred. Need I say more...

5: (For Mikey) Batman is not an avenger. He chooses to continue in the path his father began, to help the poor and oppressed of his society. When his mother and father were killed, he rose up to restore the society that forced people into the murderous lifestyles they had fallen into. Do we need a lesson in repentance and forgiveness???

4: Batman dresses in black. Like Johnny Cash, and the Men in Black - he makes that look gooooooood. Superman looks like he woke up at the circus.

3: Batman actually has a good disguise. You can't REALLY tell who he is when he has his costume on. Superman just takes his glasses off and puts some more gel in his little curl. Besides, now that there are no more phone booths, what does he do? Run into the nearest AT&T store????

2: Superman isn't really a superhero. He just came from a planet where they apparently had a lot more gravity.

1: Last but not least, HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN! He kicked Arnold's butt. Which means, he could technically take over California...but more importantly, Batman whooped up on Mr. Universe.