Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I just want you three to know that I'm ratting you out. I'm at work, and I can't do anything productive because Mike, Sara and my mother are all three texting me at the same time. My phone is about to have a melt down. The worst part....they are eating dinner. Texting at the dinner table!

Didn't your parents teach you people any manners?????

I'm working my LAST Lipscomb Library shift. Ever. After tomorrow, I'm no longer a librarian...

Monday, April 28, 2008

I hate Shakespeare.

Not the man himself. Really, I just feel like the inevitable moan that escapes everyone's mouth after the mention of his name ought to be enough to sway schools from including him in their curriculum.

Normally, I love Shakespeare...when I can read him at my own leisure. Tonight, I'm cramming. I've read enough Shakespeare to literarily indulge any book nerd...and then some.

Pray hard for a good grade at 9 in the morning. Pray really hard for a really good grade.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Curling Iron...

In conjunction (yes mom, that's a grammatical phrase which means to join words and clauses) with my mother's current posting, some childhood pain stories...

I believe I was 4. We had to dress up for some silly reason. Mom was sitting on the side of Nana's bathtub and I was standing in front of her. I still had my Stephanie Tanner bangs that swooped backwards like any good leftover 80's hair did. Mom went in for the curl and firmly planted the curling iron against my forehead. Pretty sure you can still see the spot.
***To top it all off...she freaked out and set the curling iron down on the counter. Not realizing where she set it, she ended up burning a hole in the middle sized stackable bathtub cup. So now my favorite bathtub toys were basically worthless. What good are stackable cups if they have to stack in 3 separate towers???

The biting stories are true. Although sometimes she would pinch us, either way...I don't think I've ever hurt myself without my mother hurting me worse. This could probably be a case for child services if it didn't make me laugh so hard now that I nearly cry. I will NOT do this to my children. Mom can vouch for that...I'm much more sympathetic than she is.

I was 2. As any good curious two-year-old does, I found my daddy's gun... (?) Being the type of family that likes to explain things to their children in order to quelch the curiousity, dad then resolved to teach his two-year-old daughter everything he knew about hand guns. In an attempt to simulate how the gun fired and then backfired, dad stood behind me and helped me hold the (unloaded) gun in my hands. He made a big boom noise (which scared me in the first place), and then flung the gun backwards (as any normal person would do...????).

The gun smacked me in the forehead and left a large purple bloody spot above my left eye.

We went to church the next morning and I informed everyone that "My daddy hit me with his gun."

I was 6. We were getting into my Nana's yellow car to drive to church. I reached back to put on my seat belt (like every good six-year-old does), and apparently my mother wasn't paying attention. She promptly shut the door. My little six-year-old fingers got smushed. Purple and black and slightly flattened. I'm still scared to reach for my seat belt before my door is shut.

I was two. We were driving back from Alaska. I was highly intrigued by my coat drawstrings, so like every other kid in America, I stuck the thing up my nose. It got stuck. I freaked. Mom and dad pulled out the needlenosed pliers and the video camera. Bad combination.

Oh the joys of parenthood...???

Monday, April 21, 2008

African Coca-Cola and WHALES!

This weekend was amazing!!!

I got to spend the whole weekend with my wonderful boy...AND there was baseball, AND Jacob, AND steak, AND chocolate, AND Diet Coke, AND a road trip, AND WHALES! It could not have been better.

I got to eat my first ball park hot dog. Way cool. Nathan dropped part of his chili dog in our lemonade. Lemonade and chili don't taste good together...

On Saturday we went to the Coke Factory and we got to taste African Coke. GROSS. I'll take American soft drinks any day!

On Saturday afternoon Nathan took me to the Underground Mall, because he said that was one of the best things he remembered from Atlanta when he was a kid. It's a weird feeling knowing there are streets over your head, but the mall was a lot of fun. We ate cheeseburgers and tried on baseball jerseys and took cheesy pictures in a photo booth. When we were on our way up the escalator, this crazy man yelled at us..."WHAT A BEAUUUUUUUUUTIFUL COUPLE!" We agreed, but were slightly freaked out. I made Nathan hold my hand the rest of the time we were down there (not that he objected ;).

Saturday night we ate our formal dinner at the Sundial, which is the spinning restaurant in the top of the Hilton. There was a prom there that night and we kept getting asked if we were in high old do I look??? Anyway, we took a TON of pictures and saw fireworks from the top of the tower and played with the telescope things. Let me just say that I have a freaking gorgeous fiance. He looked GOOD. He'll argue with me, but he's wrong.

After dinner, we were gonna go to a movie, but we got lost looking for the movie theater so we went back to the hotel and watched Myth Busters...probably better than any movie we would have gone to see. They blew over a school bus with a jet.

Sunday we went to the AQUARIUM!! Nathan knew that I basically only wanted to go to formal so I could see the whales, so he let me go through all the exhibits at "Kacey speed," as he said. Which basically meant standing and staring at the whales for two hours. It was insane. Whale sharks. Four of them. All in one tank. With reef sharks, and hammerheads, and zebra sharks, and giant groupers, and parrotfish, and get the picture. Basically every kind of really cool fish that exists. I was like a little kid. AND to make it even better...Kacey got to touch a shark. Ask me how excited I was???? Better yet, you should probably ask Nathan how excited I was, because he laughed at me a lot that day...apparently he thought my childishness was cute...

***Madre, thanks for the extra cash. Couldn't have gone without it. Awesomeness.

So I hate to be cheesy, but this whole "engaged" thing is really fun. I get to be treated like a princess by this really cute boy, and I get to drag him around to all my girl stuff while he smiles the whole time. It's wonderful.

Thanks for taking me this weekend baby...I love you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm done.

I finished my last big paper yesterday. I have one more group project to finish tonight, and one more solo project that I have to turn in tomorrow. Past that...only finals.

Our formal is this weekend and I'm very excited...I get to see a whale...

We're going to a Braves game, the Coke Factory and the Aquarium...and we're eating dinner at the spinny restaurant. All the other girls are excited about going to Ikea. I just want to see the whale.

I'm contemplating rewriting some of my old blogs, possibly my 100 things and some old stories (just to have them on file). So, if there are any blogs that I post and you think "hrm, I feel that I've read this before," it's quite possible that you have.

The first blog I would like to rewrite (sorry if it's not exact) is as follows:

Yes. There is a boy.

Yes. His name is Nathan.

Yes. I think he's wonderful.

Yes. You know him.

No. I will not divulge all the details on here.

Yes. I will tell you in person.

Yes. I will be home soon to answer questions.

Yes. I love him very much.

I'll keep re-writing and new-writing. Peace and love.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm back!!!

I am completely distressed and terribly upset that I lost my old blog, but there doesn't seem to be any hope of getting it back. So I've broken down and started a new one.

For those of you who didn't hear the story...

Lipscomb decided to change our email server...right in the middle of the semester. So I've had to change over all of my accounts and have all of my emails forwarded and that sort of thing. Good fun.

So I went to switch the log-in email on my old blog. Easy, right? You're wrong. There were a hundred different options of things to do, and it took me forever to even find the right link that I needed to switch it over. I finally found the one that said, "attach old blog to new email address." Cool.

So I attached my old blog to my new email. It deleted the whole thing and gave me a new blog with my new email. Don't ask me how. I don't know. I emailed the blog people, hoping they could rescue me, but after a week and a half, I'm beginning to think that was a futile effort.

Anyway, life hasn't been quite the same without my blog, but I'm intend to be back in the full swing of the blog world quite soon. I'm still working on updating everything, and for some reason, can't seem to get my format to let me put titles on my postings. If any of you have had this problem, please tell me how to fix's quite annoying.

I'm coming home this afternoon, so I hope to see all of you at church on Sunday!

Loves and hugs!!!