Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2nd Half of Christmas

WE GOT A WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my lovely in-laws gave us Guitar Hero to go with it :) I'll be happy and content to stay at home for a long while...

We spent this past weekend in Elizabethtown with Lesli and Ryan, and absolutely had a blast playing Wii Sports with them (although we were all sore when we woke up Sunday morning).

On the work front, things have been a little exciting. Please don't take what I'm about to write as bragging on my part at all, because truly, only God can do this...but I know that He's used me to help bring it about, and I just want to share what's been happening (I also said I'd keep you guys in the loop).

So a couple of weeks ago, Chris and I were talking about philisophical things (as usual...haha, not really. Most of the time we talk about make up and girly things), and she told me that even though she still wasn't sure about the "Jesus" thing, that she was starting to realize that the story as a whole just didn't make much sense without Him in it.

So for Christmas, I wrote her my own gospel. I told her the story of Jesus from the perspective of how I've seen Him in my life. I told His story from the birth to the ressurection, and a bunch of the details in between (combined from all four gospels). I showed her a side of Jesus that I don't think she'd seen before.

She called me yesterday and told me that was the best Christmas present she'd ever gotten.

She said she had never seen it laid out so simply, and that she wishes life were as simple as that. I told her that it is that simple, when Jesus is involved, because He made it simple for us. She said that she made her husband read it and that he had the same reaction that she had. They both loved it, and were so grateful that I had taken the time to do that for them, because even though they'd wanted to believe in Jesus, they'd just never seen it in a form where they could understand it.

Yay God :)

Later that afternoon, Chris came into the store to drop some stuff off, and told me that one of her best friends, Angela, is having surgery to replace her esophagus, because the cancer has eaten so much of it that they can't just remove the tumors. Angela told her that if they opened her up and the cancer has spread into her trachea, that there's nothing else they can do, and they will just close her back up and give her an estimate on how long she has left.

Needless to say, Chris was kind of a mess. Now, I know with the baby faith that Chris has, it would be really easy to write God off at this point as the God who only hurts people. So far, she hasn't. She's absoulutely upset, which is understandable, but she has already told me that she's at peace with the fact that her friend will be better off, even if they can't remove the cancer. She knows that Angela's faith is in God, and she said she trusts Him to do what's right.

However, I don't want this to hurt her. Pray that no matter what happens, Chris does not lose the faith that she's developing, but that it's strengthened. Angela's surgery was early this morning and I haven't heard how it went yet. I'll keep you updated, but please pray for her health, and keep Chris in your prayers too.

Thanks! Love you guys! Have a happy new year if I don't write again before then!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The First Half of Our First Christmas....

Since I'm not yet allowed to blog about what we got for Christmas, I will refrain for now...

But I can tell you that I got Batman! And my brother bought me a gorgeous scarf to match my new coat :)

Thank you to my whole family for a wonderful weekend! It was much needed...we didn't want to leave :(

However, we're looking forward to this coming weekend with Nathan's family!

In the mean time, I'm opening the coffee shop every day but Christmas day this week (with my new key), so I'll have the afternoons off. Nathan is taking a couple of days off too, so we're going to enjoy some good quality time together (hopefully playing with our new awesome Christmas present and sharing in some good recreational intimacy :).

Thanks fam!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Earbud Fairies

I will never understand this mystery.

You roll up headphones, wrap them around ipod, and lay them gently into your purse. Pull them out an hour later and they are in knots.

How does this happen? Literally, I put my headphones in my purse before work. At work, my purse hung on a wall rack all afternoon. I went to get them on my lunch break, and it took me nearly my whole break to untangle them.

Same thing with Christmas lights. They sit in the attic ALL YEAR! What happens between the time you roll them up into a nice little bundle, and the time you are cursing at them the following year. I'm very curious. Do mice climb into the box and twist up all the wires? Does the invisible headphone fairy steal my earbuds for hours at a time and replace them in a fashion less satisfying than she found them in.

I want to put hidden cameras in my purse and in the Christmas boxes. This mystery must be solved. Unite againts the earbud fairies. It's time we won this war.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Prodigal Stella

Disclaimer: Before anyone reads this, they must understand that we have paid our full respects and I was encouraged greatly by all my family members to write this blog.

Stella is my beloved car. For those of you close to me, you have undoubtedly heard me talk about my wondermous car, or perhaps even taken a ride inside her cozy powder blue, leather interior. Unbeknownst to most of you, I inherited this car from my lovely great grandmother (the one we said goodbye to this past weekend).

Although perhaps "inherited" is not the right word. In her eyes, I stole Stella. Now, you must understand that in her later years, granny was a fully capable human being, but her mind was not all there. As sad as it was at times, usually her rants about her missing vehicle were quite more than hysterical and truly enjoyed by all the recipients of her spiteful remarks. Even though granny fully relented her driving privileges when she moved into her assisted living home, she didn't remember it that way for long. And even though granny agreed to sign over the car to nana and papa, so they could give it to me for Christmas, that's not the way she ever chose to see it.

We all became evil in her eyes (but only with respect to the car. She loved us dearly in all other conversation topics). First she got mad at nana for stealing her car. Then she got mad at me for not bringing it back to her, even though I was so close to her. Then she got mad at mom and would say "boy, I wish Stephanie would bring my car back." She had no idea that she'd handed over the car willingly, but truly convinced herself that we had stolen it from her, only to make her life miserable. Every single day she would write letters to nana (sometimes two or three times per day) saying how much she missed her car and how she wished we'd return it to her because we were just being mean. She threatened to go buy a new car (which I believe she tried to do on a few occassions, only to find out that the doors on her home had a code that only the nurses knew, and for some reason they just wouldn't let her go buy a new car)!

Every time I've seen nana and papa for the past three years, they've had a new story about granny and "her" car. If you're reading this and you're thinking "wow these people are terrible", trust me, you would have laughed had you been there. And I truly believe, now that granny has full capacity back to her body, that she's up there laughing about this with us.

However, even I have lines.

This past weekend, as we were leaving the funeral, Kevin and I were getting ready to leave and come back to Indiana. Mom looks at me and says, "I hope Stella doesn't die. Wouldn't that just be too ironic for words." And then she laughed...for a very uncomfortable amount of time. Granted, it was funny...but COME ON MOM!!!! Then we began to contemplate the true irony of the situation...granny had been begging us to bring her car back to Columbia since we "took it" from her. It hasn't been to Columbia since it left, until the day that she passed away.

Granny went home, and Stella went home. I think she knew Stella was there, and I think it made her happy :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kevie Poo

As you may have read on my mom's blog, my great-grandmother passed away yesterday morning.

As a result, I will be hauling my newly Indiana tagged car down through Kentucky twice now instead of once (once this weekend for the funeral, and again next weekend to have Christmas with my family). So for the four days inbetween, Kevin is coming to stay with me! I'm very excited! It'll be nice to have a little company while Nathan is working such a crazy schedule (although he says it'll be better this coming week), and apparently Kevin is really excited. That makes Kacey happy :)

So if you don't hear from me much next week, it's probably because I'm helping Kevin finish his Christmas shopping, or playing Scene It.

As for this weekend, pray for safe travels for my whole family as we go to Columbia and back, and also for Nana as she deals with the loss of her mom.

Monday, December 08, 2008

My Hard-Workin Mr.

So today is not the biggest time marker in the world, but it's our four month wedding anniversary. (Next month will be the one year anniversary of our first date.)

My poor hubby is exhausted. He has worked somewhere in the neighborhood of ninety hours this week. He was forced to transfer his only daytime supervisor, and indefinitely suspend his overnight person, due to circumstances beyond his control...and he has also been forced to fill their holes. He has worked overnight every single night this week but one, and also stayed through the days. He is averaging about three to four hours of sleep per afternoon before he wakes back up and has to go back in for the night.

He is not working tonight, but he just got home a little while ago, and he has to go back in at five in the morning.

Right now, to celebrate our anniversary, he's fallen asleep on me.

I have the most adorable husband in the whole world. He helped me finish decorating the Christmas tree, because we bought our "first Christmas" ornament, and then we laid down on the couch. He's all curled up in a ball, laying on my shoulder, and I can't imagine any other place in the world I'd rather be right now.

Nathan, if you read this, happy anniversary babe. You're my whole world and I love you more every day...even on the days I don't see you. Hang in there darlin.

Love you,

Saturday, December 06, 2008

"Stair"ing at the Floor

I had a stroke of genius this afternoon.

Nathan and I were on our way to buy some boots for our angel tree kid. In an attempt to cheer my extremely exhausted husband up, I decided to do something I believed he would find cute (which usually makes him smile).

So I asked him, "hey hun, do you think I can slide down the stair rail?"

He didn't reply. He just stared. He looked at me as if he were glaring over a pair of old man glasses, even though his head was bare.

I did not heed this look of warning. In fact, the idiot alarm that most people have inside their heads must be lacking in my mess of gray matter (probably because I was born a Reynolds).

So I slid.

Now, if said alarm had gone off, it would have said "Do not attempt this at home! Your hands are full and you have your crazy "purse" the size of the greater Holland on your shoulder that causes you to walk with a limp, and will obviously throw off your balance!"

The slide was not much of a slide. Really not a slide at all. I did a triple lutz off the rail and landed on my head at the bottom of the stair case. I ended up with a nasty twist in my knee and a serious burn on three fingers of my right hand from an attempt to save my sorry butt from completely making an idiot out of myself.

Needless to say, Nathan got his cheering up. After a small freaking out session where he checked to make sure I wasn't broken or bleeding, he laughed. I laughed. We have both laughed all day long. I know it wasn't what I intended to happen, but the goal was acheived...even if the means were not so pleasant.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Top Ten Ways I'm Using my $80,000 College Degree

10. All that experience learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator has come in handy while I've been designing new tshirts for the coffee shop.

9. The festive Lipscomb stickers on the back of my car are the only reason I can come up with for why a cop still hasn't pulled me over for my expired tags. Distraction baby.

8. All the hours I spent standing in line for a jolt of caffine actually helped me complete the training for my current job without even knowing it.

7. The dorm decorating contest gave me several handy ideas that are currently used in my living room.

6. All of my school shirts and hoodies are putting my great new washing machine to good use. The suit mom bought me is making my closet look really super.

5. The writing I did in all of my journalism classes really helps when it comes to shorthanding in a pre-write, or titling my blogs. "Student Starts Fire in Dorm" translates well into "Kacey Starts Fire in Kitchen". True story. I lit the stove up good on Thanksgiving. That's what kitchen towels are for. That and for putting a barrier between my shirt and the sink when I'm scrubbing my skillets.

4. I appreciate my kitchen sink. Even though I've been handwashing my dishes since we moved in (although I got a new dishwasher last Thursday:) it's better than having to wash off my plastic walmart plates and my single coffee mug in the bathroom sink every day. I don't miss plastic silverware or my single cup coffee maker...or my ramen noodle hot pot for that matter. I appreciate my full size appliances.

3. The Greek...well...I have fun with it.

2. In all seriousness, I think one of the biggest reason I got a degree from the college I did, was so God could show me Saba. Any cheaper of an institution and my navigational skills would not have been honed enough to find such a tiny little speck on the map.

1. Last but not least, I learned how to man hunt from all those girls who were only at Lipscomb to receive their Mrs. degrees. I took those skills home (away from the mandatory Christian College Companionship Program, where girls ended up with rings on their fingers after only three dates and more pressure than a doctor with forceps) and I ended up with two Bachelors. One of them, I turned into a Mr. :)

Monday, December 01, 2008

Mugging Christmas

So last Friday, Chris and I took on the task of painting some holiday spirit onto the front window.

She used to hire a guy to do this on every holiday, but instead of putting his John Hancock on the window last Christmas, he threw up his Jack Daniels.

He has since been let go.

So we attempted some Christmas cheer. We thought "what better than to put up some Christmas colored coffee mugs, and put little Christmas decorations on them?!"

So the window says "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" (with the obligatory "Happy New Year" in Colt's blue), and there are brightly colored Christmas mugs all over the window.

In an attempt at creativity, I tried to put something wintery on my mug. I painted little snowflakes all over its bright red surface, and the front reads "Let it Snow". Now, I didn't really comprehend my own irony, but for those of you that know me pretty well, you understand my hatred for all things snowy. Cold and wet are not my ideas of fun. I love Christmas, yes...but I'd just assume have Christmas among the palm trees and the warm ocean than have a traditional "White Christmas". I figured maybe the hot coffee inside the mug would counteract the fake wish for Christmas condensation, but no.

It has snowed. Hard. All day. Everyone has complimented my mug, saying that it's the cutest one on the window, but I'm pretty sure God made it snow so that I would appreciate the situation. Not superstition, just stupidity. Never wish for something you don't want.

I think I might go change my mug message to "Let it Money"...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I heard on the radio that they (whoever "they" really is) have added a new word to the dictionary.

Meh: A sign of indifference or apathy.

E.g. "How was your day, honey?" "Meh, it was okay."

How ridiculous is that?!?!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Skipping Thanksgiving

I'm so jazzed that it's almost Christmas!

I know this might be slightly premature (since Thanksgiving hasn't even hit yet) but if it were up to me, I'd completely pass over Halloween and Thanksgiving, and just have a 3 month-long Christmas celebration.

It makes me happy...(in case you didn't pick up on that).

I had a day off today. So, after a much needed, and much informative chiropractic visit, I decided to get some Christmas shopping done. I got it all done. :) (Well my side of the family at least...I forget that I have another side of the family to shop for now :)

Now what to get the in-laws???

I'll figure that out tomorrow...right now, I'm going to go set up my Christmas tree!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Double Shot of Jesus

Stoked is not a big enough word. I have to share this before my head explodes.

First of all, I absolutely love my new job. Could not be happier.

Chris (I discovered it's short for Christina, and therefore spelled with a "C", not a "K"), is absolutely amazing. For the past two days, she and I have been the only ones working at the shop, so it has been a very hands on, involved training period. Thus being said, we've had plenty of time to chat. She has an amazing story, and a heart of 24ct gold (pure and wonderful, but just as soft as clay). She and I have really been getting to know each other over the past couple of days, and I think it's safe to say that we very much enjoy each other's company. So, knowing some of her story, I decided to be very open with her about mine. That just made her fall in love with me apparently, and she began telling me even more. Struggles and strengths, highs and lows...you name it, she's been there. To see the person she is now, you'd never believe it.

She's a verge-Christian (my term for almost there, but doesn't quite know how to believe it yet). She told me she believed in God and she thinks there is a Holy Spirit, because she doesn't know how she got to where she is if there wasn't somebody getting her there...but she just doesn't know about this Jesus thing. She has no trouble understanding that he existed and was a wonderful humanitarian, but how he plays into the whole "Christianity" thing, she just doesn't get.

She's hungry. Somebody came in this morning talking about Obama being the Anti-Christ(She came from California, so we both had a chuckle about how people can have such total disregard for anyone's beliefs but their own). She said something about how she didn't really understand the Anti-Christ thing, and I said something about it being a theory based out of Revelation. Then her questions started. She literally just sat with a gaping mouth while I briefly told her what I believed about Revelation, and about John and him being exiled while he wrote the book. Her response was "HOLY COW I'M SO EXCITED!!!! YOU CAN TEACH ME ALL THIS BIBLE STUFF!!!!" I told her that I was by no means an expert, but that I'd be glad to help her find the answers she was looking for. She wants to start a Bible study on Wednesdays, and I told her I'd try to find her a basic book on some general Biblical knowledge stuff that she could just read through at her own pace, and she jumped up and down. She is literally so hungry for something. She wants to believe, she just wants to understand. I now know why God put me in this job.

Pray for my wisdom: to tell her and show her things that will help her see Jesus, and to be a tool for her to use as she searches for God.

Pray for Chris: To be open to new ideas, and to keep the hunger that she has now, even when she faces road blocks.

I've never had something like this just dumped in my lap before (at least not that I recognized), but it's a great feeling to know that I am in a place where God can use me and where my experience with the blood of Jesus and his forgiveness can become tangible.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Praying for Chocolate Milk

So for you to better understand the travesty that was the last two days, let me briefly catch you up.

People who use dishonesty as a management style might need to think about switching to a career as a politician.

So I put in two days of work, although one hour was enough to tell my instincts that this was not a place I wanted to spend my daytime hours. However, the second morning I went in to work, I decided to stop by this local coffee shop for my required cup'o'joe. The owner happened to be working that morning, and one might say that we were kindred spirits from the start. We chatted about all sorts of life goings-on, and what brought us to the places we were in now. As she made my large pumpkin spice latte (made from real pumpkin, not that fake stuff they use at the corporate mongers), she asked me where I was working. I told her I had just taken this dreadful position at the mall across the street. She made a face that showed an amount of pity larger than the cup of coffee she made, and followed it up with "well are you interested in switching jobs?" I told her that I was no less than a fellow addict, and that working in a coffee shop for me would be similar to telling a small child that they owned all the candy in the world and only had to share if people paid them for it :) but that if she was looking for a daytime person, I'd love to apply. She gave me an application and I told her I would fill it out and bring it right back when I got off work.

So I did. I brought it back later that day , after what was close to the second most frustrating day of my semi-adolescent life, and met Jason (the aformentioned kindred spirit Kris' husband - they co-own the shop). He told me that he'd been expecting me, and that he was really glad to meet me because his wife had good things to say about me.

This morning: I got a call from Kris saying that she'd love to interview me tomorrow or Saturday if I could. I was out running errands, so I just decided to swing by the shop and set it up in person. (Referece my hundred things if you wish to refresh your memory on my hatred of phone conversations.) So I stopped in. She was very excited to see me and asked me if I could just do the interview now. I told her I had 45 minutes till I had to be somewhere and we preceeded to talk for the next 40. She high fived me and told me that she loved me. She offered me the job on the spot as her main weekday person, starting at a higher rate of pay than normal, just because she liked me.

Here's the kicker: not only am I completely stoked about this job, but have been praying that the right one would come along. Kris told me this afternoon that she is not a religious person, but because of a bad experience they had with the employee I will be replacing, she prayed to God that he would send her the right person that would be worthy to earn her trust again and help her with this business she has invested so much of her heart into. She told me that when I walked in yesterday that she just knew it would be a good fit, and that she really believes that God sent me to her.

I don't know about anybody else, but that's reason enough for me to take the job right there.

So as for JCPenney's, the proper managers have been alerted of the problems, and I have been assured that this will no longer continue to be a problem for the girls who still work there (mostly young working mothers who HAVE to have a paycheck and couldn't afford to lose their jobs over trying to solve this problem). So I believe that I was put there for a reason. If I had not worked there, I would not have found my new favorite coffee shop until she'd already hired someone else. And who knows, but hopefully I was able to make life better for a few people in the process. Everyone's time is too valuable to be wasted with lies and bad work ethics. As for me, God definitely gave me a big 'ol glass of chocolate milk...or maybe a large peppermint mocha... :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Foreign Tap Water

Starting a new Job: It's like spending the night in someone else's house, and getting up in the middle of the night to get a drink. You take a big, middle-of-the-night-lips-dried-out-incredibly-thirsty kind of swig, only to discover that their tap water is not nearly up to par with yours. There's probably not really anything wrong with theirs, it's just so much different than yours that you almost spit it out. You swallow that first gulp reluctantly, dump out the rest of your glass, and then sneak a peek in the fridge to see if they have any chocolate milk.

I took a big swig of some nasty mineral water. I'm dying for some chocolate milk now. I'm gonna have to wash this down with something good.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Striped Knee Socks and Santa Clauses

It's not much, but I'm at least going to be working at a portrait studio over the holidays.  That means we'll have money to do our Christmas shopping with!  Yay!!!!  Mostly, I think I'll be pulling backgrounds, and making appointments, and probably dealing with a very cranky Santa Claus at some point, but hey...it's a start.

Currently, I'm doing the last little bit of unpacking that's been stacked in our spare bedroom...but I'm really only motivated to do that because mom and dad are coming to visit this weekend, and they need a place to sleep :)

I really don't know a whole lot right now...all I know is that I'm sitting here in Nathan's shorts, a sweater and my green and pink striped knee socks (it's cold)...but perhaps I'll have some funny stories to tell after I start working (which is tomorrow morning, by the way).  For now, I'm gonna finish stacking up all of our many, many, many books...and try to find a place for all of the ones that won't fit on my new bookshelf. :) It's pretty, but not extremely practical.

Oh yeah! I made a pork tenderloin for dinner a couple nights ago.  It was freakin good.  Just thought I'd share my recent cooking success :)  I haven't tried the cookie thing in a while...I lost my nerve.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

My 100

I did one of these a long time ago, but it has since been lost on my former Houdini blog, and is now in the oblivion of the internet black hole. So it's time for a new list.  This is a slightly unconventional list in that, it's not just things about me, but a catch up on our new life...some things that are exclusive to me, others that are just telling you what's been going on.

1. I'm married to the cutest boy in the world.

2. We just moved to Indianapolis, IN. and I live within 5 minutes of TWO SuperTargets. Be jealous.

3. I'm a complete and total coffee addict. I'm pretty sure my blood has been replaced with a robust Columbian blend.

4. I finally got a new cell phone, which is a very good thing considering my old one had developed a mind of it's own. I think it began pushing the limits of Artificial Intelligence. It did things I didn't tell it to do, and it would no longer comply to the commands I gave it...NOT the purpose of a cell phone.

5. I have a birthmark on my wrist that looks like the eagle on the front of the quarter. It's freaky.

6. Dark chocolate. I don't even have to say anything else.

7. I would be completely fine if the world were totally green. Not environmentally, just the color.

8. I HATE looking for new jobs. Especially right now...it's not easy.

9. I love seafood. I can no longer eat seafood. My dearly beloved is deathly allergic to shellfish, and it makes me cry on a regular basis. We went out to dinner the other night with some people from his work, and they ordered stuffed mushrooms. I was about to pop one in my mouth when he asked what they were stuffed with. Someone said, "I think it's crab meat." I dropped the mushroom back down to my plate and stared at it with some pretty intense hatred. This weekend, mom and I are going out for sushi.

10. Rainstorms make me extremely happy. Hence, my favorite season would have to be Spring.

11. There's their, there, and they're. Don't get them confused, and we'll still be friends.

12. It's 'new-clee-er', not 'nu-cue-ler'. Adhere to this rule, and we can definitely be friends. Nathan says it the wrong way all the time just to get on my nerves. He's lucky he's so cute ;)

13. Answer this: On the topic of green and nuclear, what color is our current energy? Because I wasn't aware that it was visible...

14. I have multi-colored eyes. 

15. I have been stung by 4 jellyfish. For one of those stings, I had to be carted off an airplane in a wheelchair. A swollen ankle and a 40,000 ft. altitude don't mix very well.

16. I have a purple pillow that Nathan no longer allows me to sleep with. Apparently I liked to cuddle with it more than I did with him....

17. I graduated with a degree in Journalism, same as my mother. The dark chocolate thing, same as my mother. Favorite color is green, same as my mother. photographic nut job, same as my mother. Hatred of all things involving the kitchen, same as my mother. Facial structure: dad. If you ever catch me with a towel on my head and no make-up on, you'll run away in fear.

18. I despise, with every bone in my body, country music. 

19. I just got cable and discovered the Top Design show. I'm hooked. The bomb shelter thing was my favorite.

20. I have a joint bank account. Still getting used to that one....

21. My dishwasher is broken. Remember that thing about hating the kitchen...well handwashing dishes is WAY worse than cooking in those dishes.

22. I have no idea who I'm going to vote for. But quite honestly, I'm not registered in Indiana yet, and the deadline was last Monday...so I may not be voting at all.

23. I still have two full sets of Pyrex dishes, unopened. We already have a full set in the kitchen. Anybody need some glassware?

24. The fish from the wedding got put into Nana's fish pond, where she has fish that she's managed to keep alive for 16 years. The wedding fish ate the other ones. What does that say?

25. Movie nut. If you've seen it, chances are, I've seen it and can also tell you every single person who was in it. Also, expert Kevin Bacon connector. Google it and you'll know what I mean...or you can just ask my mother as she is the person I have forced to play with me for years.

26. I quit biting my fingernails! But only when Nathan told me that he wouldn't give me an engagement ring until I did. I'm 8 months clean...(minus one incident at the movies the other night...it was scary).

27. The Office is...well let's just say that I have the special editions of all 4 seasons on DVD and I was glued to my couch for the premier of season 5. Jim and Pam <3 

28. I miss my college intramural volleyball team. I need to find another athletic outlet... 

29. My car still says "Just Hitched" on the back window, and there are still post it notes all over my backseat. 

30. I just bought new throw pillows for our couch. They're brown and sage and a really silvery blue stripped. Way cute. They match the brown and green throws that we got for our wedding shower. 

31. I love the news, but I've had to break myself of it because it's starting to scare me. 

32. My brother is currently the most annoying person in the world...but I love him terribly. 

33. Nathan makes fun of me because I carry a suitcase everywhere I go. Well, not really a suitcase, but he likes to make fun of me for the size of my purses. I think he believes I carry sandbags, not handbags. I just tell him it's my Mary Poppins purse, and that whatever he needs, I'll always have it. I've proved that right a couple of times. He doesn't make fun of me so much anymore. 

34. We're addicted to Buffalo Wild Wings. It's great because we can get boneless chicken wings and cheese fries (or buffalo chips) for pretty cheap. He watches sports, and I play the trivia games. It's the perfect place for us. We frequent there, and we've already found all the surrounding Buffalo's in this area. In fact, that was the first thing we noticed when we got off the exit to move into our apartment. Sad? Our premarital counselor would have called it "recreational intimacy". At least that's what we tell ourselves... 

35. Speaking of cheese fries...... 

36. Have I mentioned that my attention span is about 2 inches long? --------------------------- 

37. Great number. It was my jersey number in club. 

38. I haven't unpacked my books yet because I don't have a place to put them. In all of the wonderful closet space that this new apartment provides us with, still no place for 500 books...why is that?? We're going bookshelf shopping very soon. Say "bookshelf shopping" 3 times, really fast.... 

39. I have a vcr/dvd player hooked up on the nightstand by the bed. The tv is in the living room...with the other tv. "why?" you may ask... Because our second form of recreational intimacy is video games. Only, we don't like to play any of the same ones...so we need two tv's. Yeah, we know it's a little sad. 

40. Spiders are from Satan. There was a brown recluse in my kitchen last night.  I got up to get a glass of water, and my scream woke Nathan up. :(

 41. Baskin Robbins Rainbow Sherbet. Nothing better...except Coldstone's Birthday Cake with sprinkles...that might be better. Opinions? 

42. I had my last birthday in the caribbean. I ate steak and watched the Olympics. :) 

43. I have confiscated all of Nathan's hoodies. Every time he starts looking for one now, he knows to check my side of the closet first. 

44. Speaking of closets, we could fit our queen sized bed into ours...that's my favorite part of our new apartment ;)

 45. I call my mother "maw". Contrary to her belief, this is not a derogatory term. It's simply short for "maaaaawwwwmmmmmmmy"...which is what I always say when I need her. So I think she should take it as a compliment. It's like I always need her (tear, sniffle, whimper). Instead, she has taken offense and begun to call me "hag". That is offensive. It's like a wart-nosed witch. I didn't think that was a term you used for your best friend... 

46. My new washing machine sings to me. Every time it finishes a load, it sings me a little tune to let me know it's done. I told Nathan about it the first time, and he didn't believe me. So I did a load of laundry just to prove it to him. It freaked him out thoroughly. I think he believes the washing machine has a mind of it's own like my cell phone. 

47. I don't see what the big problem is with the new facebook. I kinda like it. It keeps everything in one place so you don't have to run all over and figure out what's going on. Stop whining you facebook babies. It's still better than myspace. 

48. I love summertime, but I like winter clothes. It's a never ending paradox for me. I wish our bodies didn't have to feel temperature so that I could wear sweaters and hoodies all the time. 

49. I always have a favorite fingernail. Last week it was my left pinky, but it has since broken, and therefore has been replaced by my right ring finger. 

50. I love Christmas. It's amazing and wonderful and awesome and amazing and all those other things... And I don't even like it for the presents. I love Christmas shopping, and I love Christmas trees. I get that last part from my nana. At a record high, I once counted 17 trees in her house at Christmas. It was great.

 51. Nathan keeps trying to show me how to tie and tie (at my request), but I cannot do it. Something to do with that lack of hand/eye coordination thing I think... 

52. Life is not the same without my toxic Nalgene. I miss it. No other water bottle does it for me. 

53. We didn't discover the train tracks next to our apartment until after we moved in. Luckily, I think the only time a train ever comes through is at 4:00 every afternoon. Hopefully I won't even be home at that time pretty soon... 

54. I bought new socks. They all have colored elastic around the edges. They are all different colors. Laundry is so much easier. Plus, I can coordinate my socks with my outfits. Bringin' back the 90's baby. 

55. I cannot make cookies. I keep trying and I keep failing. Nathan seems to think I'm a great cook otherwise...but the whole non-pre packaged cookie thing....still having trouble with that one. And neither one of us can figure out what I'm doing wrong. It's an anomaly of drastic proportions. I'm going back to slice 'n bakes. 

56. I have 100 channels. This morning, while I ate breakfast, I watched cartoon network. I'm still at 8-year-old kid at heart. 

57. I have this pretty wedding scrapbook that I was going to start putting together the other day, but then I realized that all of my scrapbooking supplies are still in my closet at mom's house. 5 hours is a long way to go for scrapbooking stuff.

58. The Office came on last night. Bet you can't guess what I was doing...?

59. Classic literature = love 

60. I pull on my eyelashes. It's a nervous habit that I'm pretty sure replaced the biting of the fingernails, but frequently my thumb nails are black because they are covered with mascara. 

61. My favorite book is 1984. However, I hated Animal Farm. Now, I'm a Disney movie nut, but all of Orwell's talking animals just plain freaked me out. 

62. I like all berries except the kinds with straws, and I swallow watermelon seeds. I do not believe (contrary to what my mother told me) that my stomach lining is condusive to the growth of a watermelon vine. 

63. I also chew on popcorn seeds. I'm not really a big popcorn person, but I like to suck the salt off the seeds after the popcorn is gone. 

64. I lived in Tennessee for 4 1/2 years, and I got a TN driver's license a month before I found out I was moving to Indiana. But it's okay, because IN's driver's licenses are pink. :) 

65. I like Bruce Willis movies. But my favorite movie (besides The Lion King) is a Hugh Grant flick (Love Actually)....who was in Notting Hill with Julia Roberts, who was in Flatliner's with Kevin Bacon......oh, sorry...habit. 

66. Not only does the back end of my car still say "just hitched", but the front windshield, slightly affected by the rain, now only says "brown chicken". It gets LOTS of funny looks. I just can't bring myself to get rid of it... 

67. Every time I see an Indiana license plate (which is quite frequently now), I've taken to doing the Steve Martin bit from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, where he yells "Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma"...only I've transposed the states. I told Nathan I would do this until he took me to get my own Indiana car tags. 

68. I liked working at a florist. Mainly because I love plants, I just don't like remembering to water them. Or better yet, I never remember to water them. Cut flowers are perfect. You stick them in water, and then you wait for them to die. It's a temporary fix, but fulfilling nonetheless.

69. I've discovered another way that I'm like my mother...I don't like new towels.  All those pretty, new, soft towels we got for our wedding...I can't stand drying off with them!  They are too soft and they don't actually dry.  Nathan loves them.  So I'm letting him use them until they get ratty.  Then I'll buy him some new ones and I'll use the old ones.

70. My new phone has a GPS in it...so I can't get lost anymore :)

71. My new favorite flowers are Alstroemeria.

72. I hate pens that don't click.  Lids are just for chewing on and losing.

73. Call me a carnivore, but beef is what's for dinner :)

74. I hate blow drying my hair.  Maybe more than I hate doing the dishes.  I have no idea why.

75. Our internet is giving us some massive problems.  It's not working more than it is working.  So I called our Comcast guy.  He was no help.  He told me to call the hotline.  So I dialed 1-888-COMCAST, and followed all of the prompts until the nice computer lady knew that I was having problems with my modem.  She told me she would connect me to a customer service rep. so they could diagnose the problem.  I wait.....  A few minutes later, the nice computer lady comes back on and says "I'm sorry, a customer service representative could not be reached at this time.  We're sorry for the inconvenience.  Please visit www.comcast.net for further assistance."  Seriously?  I called you because my internet DOESN'T work!

76. I've nearly exhausted the cookbook mom gave me before the wedding.  I'm rather proud of myself.  Now, I'm obviously not making brownies from scratch like little miss Sara, but it's a start.

77. I have two job interviews next week. :) :) :)

78. Between the two of us, the only movies that Nathan and I both owned were America's Sweethearts and Batman (and season 1 of The Office).  I believe that says something about us as a couple.

79. I'm pretty sure we've settled on a church.  A lady called me the other day and started recruiting me for children's ministry and the praise team.  Sounds good to me!

80. I have watched more sports in the last two months than I have in my entire life.  I even know that Tom Brady is out for the season, and Tony Romo fractured his pinky. Why do I know that????? I also know that if freaking BJ Upton would run out a hit, he might actually get on base once in a while. That boy sure can catch a ball, but it was totally his fault that they lost game 1. 

81. I'm coming home today for my mommy's birthday!  We're gonna watch dumb movies and eat sushi.  I'm stoked.

82. Lindsay asked me the other day if we were having any babies yet.  The answer is still a resounding "NO".  Not for a while.........a long while............

83. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove thunderstorms. I may have said that already...but it's still very true.

84. Chocolate chips go well with everything.

85. I have a pantry in my new kitchen.  It's stocked with minute rice, chicken noodle soup and fruit roll-ups (the organic kind, of course)...  :)

86.  <- That's the year I was born. Apparently just 86 even, not 1986...

87. I think I've only messed up writing my new name once.  I thought it would take me forever.

88. I have just as much fun playing with Nathan's new cordless drill as he does.  Only I'm not productive with it.  I just sit there and watch it spin...then I flip it and watch it spin the other direction.  I told you I have an attention span as long as a pen cap.

89. My favorite shoes are still my Old Navy flip flops.  Especially the new ones they came out with this year that have the toe strap. Those make me happy :)

90. It's not very hard to make me happy.

91. Aletha called me the other day to ask if I was going to Saba in March...  :( I had to tell her that I didn't think I could. I think I died a little on the inside.  Oh, June...

92. I will defend Batman to my grave.  I don't care what you say about Superman, Batman is still the bomb-diggity.

93. <- The year my crazy, Superman loving brother was born.  He starts driving next year :(

94. Die Hard was on tv this morning, so I watched it while I was filling out more job applications.

95. I really want to get my hair cut short again...

96. The marvelous Sara has posted our wedding pictures :) They'll be ready for the public eye soon... 

97.  I find it very disturbing that the M&M characters in the commercials eat actual M&M's. Slightly cannibalistic if you ask me.  Weirds me out.

98. Every morning, right after Nathan leaves for work, I get a cup of coffee and sit on the couch and watch Jimmy Neutron. :)

99. The Lion King will always be my favorite. And yes, I do still cry every time I watch the stampede scene.

100. It's raining...and I have to drive now.  That calls for a cup o' Starbucks goodness. See y'all Sunday :) 

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm HOW old?

I just edited my profile, and when I put my birthday in, I only put 86 instead of 1986. The computer told me I was 1922 years old.

I love technology.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I got tagged, so apparently it's my duty as a cousin to fulfill my blogging responsibility...

(A.) Attached or single? Attached for a month and 22 days officially.

(B.) Best friend? Na-Na (as Sydney says), maw and Keviepoo

(C.) Cake or pie? Nana's rum cake. Yes.

(D.) Day of choice? Whichever day I get to sleep late.

(E.) Essential item? Jeans, and my phone. Although I suppose my phone charger needs to make that list too, as I have recently suffered some issues with it malfunctioning.

(F.) Favorite Colors? Green.

(G.) Gummy bears or worms? I'm a fan of both. Gummy bears are easier to throw at people in the movie theater though ;)

(H.) Hometown? P-town will always be home.

(I. ) Indulgence? Nutella

(J.) January or July? I'm gonna have to go with July. Especially now that I live in what might be the coldest city on earth. I want it to stay warm all the time.

(K.) Kids? Not anytime in the next.....

(L.) Life isn't complete without? Christmas trees.

(M.) Marriage date? 8/08/08. Aren't we just so cute?

(N.) Number of brothers & sisters? 2 Brothers. Kevin, and his evil twin Nivek. He's Russian.

(O.) Oranges or apples? Apples. The fruit, the smell, the lotion, the candles, the flavored candy, the juice, everything.

(P.) Phobias? That whole arachiphobic trend got me pretty good, but I'm feeling the heeby jeebys in a new apartment all by myself.

(Q.) Quotes? "I am your sister!" - Kevin...or maybe that was Nevik trying to confuse me.

(R.) Reasons to smile? My hubby comes home in a couple hours :)

(S.) Season of choice? Spring time. It rains the most then, and I'm a rain geek.

(T.) Tag seven peeps! I would, but I think I'm the last one to do this...

(U.) Unknown fact about me? I brush my teeth before I drink my coffee, and then again after I drink my coffee.

(V.) Vegetable?Brussel sprouts. I know, I'm a freak.

(W.) Worst habits? I went from my nails to my cuticals, thanks mom.

(X.) X-ray or ultrasound? uhhhh....I had an ultrasound when mom was pregnant...but I don't really remember much about it.

(Y.) Your favorite food? Chicken lo mein, nachos with EXTRA cheese, and anything else that's Chinese related...included my much beloved, and much missed sushi.

(Z.) Zodiac sign? Leo

I'M BACK!!!!

It's been forever, I know...but I haven't had internet since I quit my nannying job (before the wedding). So forgive me for the disappearing act; I've now resurfaced in Indianapolis.

Nathan got his promotion! Yay! They moved us in less than a week. Boo.

It was a mad house of quitting my job, packing, cleaning, banking, dealing, etc. Basically...all things I'm not so keen on.

Anyway, thanks to the much needed help of the Anderson/Hughes clan and Randy Bridges, we got completely moved in last Saturday. Now I begin the job hunting.

But let's rewind for a second...here's a few honeymoon pictures:

Flip flops that said bride and groom on top, and when you walked in the sand, they left "just married" prints.
(Courtesy of Vicki Anderson)

We went to this beach on my birthday. We quickly discovered that even the Dutch beaches are sometimes as dangerous as the French beaches...

So we went on a boat trip instead...it was a submarine type thing with a viewing room that took us all around the reef off the coast of the island.

This was the beach by front street where we did all of our shopping. We also got caught in a massive (when I say massive, I mean tropical) rain storm. But because of the rain, we ate at this hole in the wall place and had the best chicken kabobs we've ever eaten in our lives.

All in all...a pretty good trip.

Okay, more later. For now, the job hunting commences yet again.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We're in the single digits.

Not just until the wedding, but also in brain cells. I think mom and I have lost about a trillion with each new countdown.

Tomorrow is my last day as a nanny! I'll be starting my new job as a florist the day we come back from the honeymoon.

Sara M. is my hero. She has been officially aquired, not so much as the wedding planner (since most of the actually planning is done), but more as the wedding executer. Double duty: She's in charge of making sure everything happens when it's supposed to happen, and that everybody is doing what they're supposed to be doing. Also, it's her job to just strictly execute anyone who is out of line. (Okay, obviously not, but the mental image is quite good). No but seriously, she's like the errand angel...and she's excited about doing it! I love that lady! In her words, this is going to be the best wedding "EVAH"!!!

(I hope she's right...)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today has been madness and it's only 2:30. The kiddo hasn't quit screaming today. I put him down for a nap earlier, and then ten minutes later, a lawnmower woke him up. He's NOT a happy camper. He's finally asleep again...let's hope it lasts for longer than ten minutes.

I got an email from a girl that I specifically did NOT invite to the wedding because...well...she hates me. She's always been mean to me, and she's just generally not a nice person. Very much someone I do not want to have to deal with on my wedding day.

So in this email, she asks me if she's invited. "From one bride to another" she says...she just wanted to double check and make sure that I didn't accidentally leave her name on the list because she knows I would want her there. THE AUDACITY?!?!?!?!

No, you're mean to me and you spread nasty rumors about me while I pledged, you tried to get me kicked out of my club, you live to be the drama queen of every event, you love to cause problems, you've told people before that you hate me, and you've generally made every experience I've ever had with you miserable. That's what I really wanted to say.

Instead, I told her that I didn't have a clue she'd want to come because it's the weekend before her own wedding. I said that I got an invitation to one of my friend's weddings that is the week before mine, and I couldn't go because I'm absolutely swamped with things to do. I just assumed that the same would be true for her. I told her that I'd change it, but that our RSVP is already 50 over capacity, and people are going to be sitting in each other's laps (which is completely true). I gave her the website address and told her that I'd love for her to watch the webstream, but otherwise, I couldn't resolve the situation any further than that.

I didn't lie...I just tried to not be as mean as she is, and hopefully keep her from telling more people nasty stories about how awful of a person I am.

In other news. I have a job interview this afternoon. Let's hope this one flies. I have a couple of options right now, but quite frankly, I just don't love anything enough to do it for the rest of my life. So I'm still looking for something short term...that is, until we can get the funds together to pay for grad school and I can teach. Just wish me luck!

Friday, July 18, 2008


I GET TO GO SEE IT TONIGHT AND I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! (Just ask Nathan how excited I am, and he'll tell you that he doesn't think I've slept for weeks.)

WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!! 22 Days and counting. (Maybe this is the real reason I haven't slept in weeks....or maybe it's because of this nasty cough. Whatever it is...I'm really tired!)

We're coming home in the morning to run some more errands, go to the shower that Nathan's wonderful Grandma is hosting for me, get Linsday fitted into her bridesmaid dress, find me some shoes, pick up the rest of the stuff from our shower a couple of weeks ago...you get the idea.

In the mean time, I'm still stuck trying to think up more superhero ideas for my crazy mother ;)
(Go read her blog.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I keep forgetting to blog.

I've been sickly all weekend, and I have a severe lack of voice to prove it. Nathan has started calling me squeeky.

I fear that I have nothing to blog about because my mother has already beaten me to everything. By the time I remember to blog about something, she's already 4 posts ahead of me.

Please RSVP. I can and will continue to echo what mom said about that. This is NOT a traditional wedding...even though it's in the church, you MUST RSVP. Not please...MUST. If you don't, I cannot promise that you will have a chair. Even if you do, I cannot promise that you will have a chair ;) (Just had to throw that one in there for maw...love ya woman ;)

Mkay...back to the kid (who has learned how to crawl...but does it by using his head. I'll demonstrate later if you need me to). Later peoples.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


We're webstreaming the wedding. Check it out.

Courtesy of Ryan Hughes :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


You can ask my mother...I've been excited about a Randa basket that I could call my own since I was about 15. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about, but a Randa basket is that humongous present that overtakes the gift table at your shower, and basically provides you with all of the fun stuff that you forgot to register for. Mine is amazing. I haven't even gotten to the bottom of it yet, but it all matches, and it's all brilliant things that (like I said) we didn't think of. So thank you Randa, and thank you EVERYBODY!!!!

The shower was wonderful. I've never seen so many presents in my entire life! They overflowed onto 5 different tables! There were over a hundred people there, and enough food to feed twice that many! To all of the wonderful ladies who planned it, thank you so very much! We are so grateful to have such an amazing family at Reidland, and we love you all more than you know!

To Sara, I'm so sad that you and Mike couldn't be there...and even though you couldn't be there, the hostesses did an amazing job of filling in where you had to be absent. I love you both!! Thank you for all the help and support you've given Nathan and I during this time!

Now the next problem....I have to reschedule my bridal portraits. We were gonna do them this past Saturday, but since Sara was in Florida, that posed a minor problem. The current problem...the only weekend open between now and the wedding is this coming weekend. My dress has already been altered, but it is still locked up in the "alterer's" house...and she is on vacation...Not scheduled to come back until after I need my dress. Anybody know a locksmith???

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why 8?

What's so significant about the number 8? If I can't think of 8 things, just blame the lack of numbers on my lacking math skills...

8 things I am passionate about:

*Nathan (I don't know if he counts as family yet... so he gets his own number :)
*Saban children
*Good Music
*Diet Coke and Nutella (together or separate, but that was 8 so I had to smush them.)

8 Things I want to do before I die:
*Travel (New York and Australia 1st)
*Snorkel successfully (successfully means without swallowing 18 gallons of saltwater and freaking out.
*Learn how to finish books
*Sky Dive
*Have a house with a brick patio where I can plant daisies and sunflowers
*Have that house on Saba
*Be an English teacher
*Prove to my brother that Batman will always be cooler

8 things I say often:

*Need coffee now.
*Oooo...I liked that book! What happened at the end?
*Ouch, I'm sunburned.
*For tru???
*What did I just miss?
*Mom, really???
*Batman is the bomb-diggity.

8 books I have read lately: (I can tell you 8 books I have partially read lately)
*Harry potter (6, I think...I'm behind)
*Irresistible Revolution
*Rich Christians in the Age of Hunger
*I Am America and So Can You
*Wild At Heart
*And Then There Were None (yes mom, I've read it before...but it's so good I had to read it again)
*All of Shakespeare's comedies (that should count as a book)
* Captivating

8 movies I have watched more than 8 times:

*The Lion King
*Love Actually
*Die Hard
*Pirates of the Caribbean
*Cool Runnings
*America's Sweethearts
*Little Women
*Free Willy

8 people I'm tagging . . .
I don't tag people because it's mean...mom!

In other news...I'll be home this weekend, because you guys are buying me presents!!! :) Haha...I'm very excited!!! LOVE Y'ALL!!!

Monday, June 09, 2008


I'm back from what was officially the coolest week of my entire life. Culture shock has set in.

The wedding is 2 months from yesterday.

Mom is out of cell phone range. Boo.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Pray for safe flights and easy travel, pray for all my kiddos, and pray that I don't get sunburned!

I love you guys and I'll see everybody in a couple of weeks!!!!! Have a wonderful first week of June...I wish you could all be in Saba with me...(mom, how do you feel about changing the location of the wedding???)

Peace out people...I'm leaving on a jet plane (but I know I'll be back next Saturday night).

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Last night: I washed all of the dishes and packed up most of the kitchen. Did ALL the laundry and folded what I think was every single piece of clothing that Nathan owns.

Tonight: Finish packing the kitchen, clean out the fridge and start working on the bedroom. Everything I can get done tonight is that much less he has to do on Saturday morning before his family comes down (God bless the Anderson family and their trucks).

I missed The Office last week because we went to a Sounds game. They still haven't posted it online. I'm going crazy!

I know this is about as interesting as an orange, but truly, it's all that's on my mind right now! That and how to avoid awful tan lines while I'm in Saba, so I don't look like a zebra in my bridals....oh, and what the heck song am I gonna walk down the aisle to??? Sandy, you wanna play Clair de Lune in my wedding???

Can these next ten weeks PLEASE be over now???

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm bored.

I'm keeping a 4 month old 10 hours a day...and it's very dull.

I've had a constant headache for two weeks now...ask my mother why.

Nathan is moving out of his apartment this weekend and I won't be here to help him....Saba is making me a bad fiancee.

We registered last week!!! Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target...it was interesting. We got to play with the little gun thing and pick out lots of pretty stuff (although I didn't get to hold the gun very much ;)

Nathan was wonderful though...everything I even looked at and said "oooh, that's cute," he scanned it...it didn't matter if he liked it. We had fun looking at all the stuff, and imagining what it would look like in our new apartment (which he moves into on Saturday). Two bedrooms, washer/dryer connections, walk-in closet...basically amazing.

Life's crazy. I think we're getting some finality on wedding plans. Invitations go out this week...? I'm having my bridals done the same weekend of our shower (21st and 22nd), and the wedding is in exactly 10 weeks and 3 days...yikes.

The most immediate thing on my mind...I have to pack for Saba. It's rapidly approaching and I'm SO not ready yet!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy late mother's day...

So my mom and I were discussing the amount of thank you notes that I need to get written, and she asked me if I was going to write her one...I told her that was silly. She said of all the people I should write thank you notes to, it should be to her. A thank you for teaching me how to spell and clean up after myself, and most importantly, to anticipate the foreshadowing in movies...even the really tricky ones.

So I told her I would blog about her.

Thanks mom, for teaching me to see and appreciate things that a lot of people miss. I'll never forget the first time I watched A Perfect Murder, and the maid threw the meat thermometor in the sink...and i screamed "OH NO SOMEBODY'S GONNA DIE!!!" That was a bonding moment in our lives. So I owe ya from that thing with that guy in that place...just rememeber, you're not quite yourself lately...

Friday, May 09, 2008

Top ten reasons why Batman is better than Superman:

10: Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, and Christian Bale...vs. Christopher Reeves? What?

9: Flying car vs. red cape.

8: (For all you green people) Batman uses the resources that he has in his possession to create enough power to save the world. Superman...works at the newspaper...a business that kills thousands of trees every day. Beat that.

7: Batman fights poverty, oppression and the abuse of underground druglords. Superman just repeatedly rescues Lois from her own stupidity...and occassionally he prevents some car accidents. But seriously, he's only had one arch nemisis. How much can you do after you've killed Lex Luther?

6: Alfred. Need I say more...

5: (For Mikey) Batman is not an avenger. He chooses to continue in the path his father began, to help the poor and oppressed of his society. When his mother and father were killed, he rose up to restore the society that forced people into the murderous lifestyles they had fallen into. Do we need a lesson in repentance and forgiveness???

4: Batman dresses in black. Like Johnny Cash, and the Men in Black - he makes that look gooooooood. Superman looks like he woke up at the circus.

3: Batman actually has a good disguise. You can't REALLY tell who he is when he has his costume on. Superman just takes his glasses off and puts some more gel in his little curl. Besides, now that there are no more phone booths, what does he do? Run into the nearest AT&T store????

2: Superman isn't really a superhero. He just came from a planet where they apparently had a lot more gravity.

1: Last but not least, HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN! He kicked Arnold's butt. Which means, he could technically take over California...but more importantly, Batman whooped up on Mr. Universe.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I just want you three to know that I'm ratting you out. I'm at work, and I can't do anything productive because Mike, Sara and my mother are all three texting me at the same time. My phone is about to have a melt down. The worst part....they are eating dinner. Texting at the dinner table!

Didn't your parents teach you people any manners?????

I'm working my LAST Lipscomb Library shift. Ever. After tomorrow, I'm no longer a librarian...

Monday, April 28, 2008

I hate Shakespeare.

Not the man himself. Really, I just feel like the inevitable moan that escapes everyone's mouth after the mention of his name ought to be enough to sway schools from including him in their curriculum.

Normally, I love Shakespeare...when I can read him at my own leisure. Tonight, I'm cramming. I've read enough Shakespeare to literarily indulge any book nerd...and then some.

Pray hard for a good grade at 9 in the morning. Pray really hard for a really good grade.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Curling Iron...

In conjunction (yes mom, that's a grammatical phrase which means to join words and clauses) with my mother's current posting, some childhood pain stories...

I believe I was 4. We had to dress up for some silly reason. Mom was sitting on the side of Nana's bathtub and I was standing in front of her. I still had my Stephanie Tanner bangs that swooped backwards like any good leftover 80's hair did. Mom went in for the curl and firmly planted the curling iron against my forehead. Pretty sure you can still see the spot.
***To top it all off...she freaked out and set the curling iron down on the counter. Not realizing where she set it, she ended up burning a hole in the middle sized stackable bathtub cup. So now my favorite bathtub toys were basically worthless. What good are stackable cups if they have to stack in 3 separate towers???

The biting stories are true. Although sometimes she would pinch us, either way...I don't think I've ever hurt myself without my mother hurting me worse. This could probably be a case for child services if it didn't make me laugh so hard now that I nearly cry. I will NOT do this to my children. Mom can vouch for that...I'm much more sympathetic than she is.

I was 2. As any good curious two-year-old does, I found my daddy's gun... (?) Being the type of family that likes to explain things to their children in order to quelch the curiousity, dad then resolved to teach his two-year-old daughter everything he knew about hand guns. In an attempt to simulate how the gun fired and then backfired, dad stood behind me and helped me hold the (unloaded) gun in my hands. He made a big boom noise (which scared me in the first place), and then flung the gun backwards (as any normal person would do...????).

The gun smacked me in the forehead and left a large purple bloody spot above my left eye.

We went to church the next morning and I informed everyone that "My daddy hit me with his gun."

I was 6. We were getting into my Nana's yellow car to drive to church. I reached back to put on my seat belt (like every good six-year-old does), and apparently my mother wasn't paying attention. She promptly shut the door. My little six-year-old fingers got smushed. Purple and black and slightly flattened. I'm still scared to reach for my seat belt before my door is shut.

I was two. We were driving back from Alaska. I was highly intrigued by my coat drawstrings, so like every other kid in America, I stuck the thing up my nose. It got stuck. I freaked. Mom and dad pulled out the needlenosed pliers and the video camera. Bad combination.

Oh the joys of parenthood...???

Monday, April 21, 2008

African Coca-Cola and WHALES!

This weekend was amazing!!!

I got to spend the whole weekend with my wonderful boy...AND there was baseball, AND Jacob, AND steak, AND chocolate, AND Diet Coke, AND a road trip, AND WHALES! It could not have been better.

I got to eat my first ball park hot dog. Way cool. Nathan dropped part of his chili dog in our lemonade. Lemonade and chili don't taste good together...

On Saturday we went to the Coke Factory and we got to taste African Coke. GROSS. I'll take American soft drinks any day!

On Saturday afternoon Nathan took me to the Underground Mall, because he said that was one of the best things he remembered from Atlanta when he was a kid. It's a weird feeling knowing there are streets over your head, but the mall was a lot of fun. We ate cheeseburgers and tried on baseball jerseys and took cheesy pictures in a photo booth. When we were on our way up the escalator, this crazy man yelled at us..."WHAT A BEAUUUUUUUUUTIFUL COUPLE!" We agreed, but were slightly freaked out. I made Nathan hold my hand the rest of the time we were down there (not that he objected ;).

Saturday night we ate our formal dinner at the Sundial, which is the spinning restaurant in the top of the Hilton. There was a prom there that night and we kept getting asked if we were in high school...how old do I look??? Anyway, we took a TON of pictures and saw fireworks from the top of the tower and played with the telescope things. Let me just say that I have a freaking gorgeous fiance. He looked GOOD. He'll argue with me, but he's wrong.

After dinner, we were gonna go to a movie, but we got lost looking for the movie theater so we went back to the hotel and watched Myth Busters...probably better than any movie we would have gone to see. They blew over a school bus with a jet.

Sunday we went to the AQUARIUM!! Nathan knew that I basically only wanted to go to formal so I could see the whales, so he let me go through all the exhibits at "Kacey speed," as he said. Which basically meant standing and staring at the whales for two hours. It was insane. Whale sharks. Four of them. All in one tank. With reef sharks, and hammerheads, and zebra sharks, and giant groupers, and parrotfish, and guitarheads....you get the picture. Basically every kind of really cool fish that exists. I was like a little kid. AND to make it even better...Kacey got to touch a shark. Ask me how excited I was???? Better yet, you should probably ask Nathan how excited I was, because he laughed at me a lot that day...apparently he thought my childishness was cute...

***Madre, thanks for the extra cash. Couldn't have gone without it. Awesomeness.

So I hate to be cheesy, but this whole "engaged" thing is really fun. I get to be treated like a princess by this really cute boy, and I get to drag him around to all my girl stuff while he smiles the whole time. It's wonderful.

Thanks for taking me this weekend baby...I love you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm done.

I finished my last big paper yesterday. I have one more group project to finish tonight, and one more solo project that I have to turn in tomorrow. Past that...only finals.

Our formal is this weekend and I'm very excited...I get to see a whale...

We're going to a Braves game, the Coke Factory and the Aquarium...and we're eating dinner at the spinny restaurant. All the other girls are excited about going to Ikea. I just want to see the whale.

I'm contemplating rewriting some of my old blogs, possibly my 100 things and some old stories (just to have them on file). So, if there are any blogs that I post and you think "hrm, I feel that I've read this before," it's quite possible that you have.

The first blog I would like to rewrite (sorry if it's not exact) is as follows:

Yes. There is a boy.

Yes. His name is Nathan.

Yes. I think he's wonderful.

Yes. You know him.

No. I will not divulge all the details on here.

Yes. I will tell you in person.

Yes. I will be home soon to answer questions.

Yes. I love him very much.

I'll keep re-writing and new-writing. Peace and love.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm back!!!

I am completely distressed and terribly upset that I lost my old blog, but there doesn't seem to be any hope of getting it back. So I've broken down and started a new one.

For those of you who didn't hear the story...

Lipscomb decided to change our email server...right in the middle of the semester. So I've had to change over all of my accounts and have all of my emails forwarded and that sort of thing. Good fun.

So I went to switch the log-in email on my old blog. Easy, right? You're wrong. There were a hundred different options of things to do, and it took me forever to even find the right link that I needed to switch it over. I finally found the one that said, "attach old blog to new email address." Cool.

So I attached my old blog to my new email. It deleted the whole thing and gave me a new blog with my new email. Don't ask me how. I don't know. I emailed the blog people, hoping they could rescue me, but after a week and a half, I'm beginning to think that was a futile effort.

Anyway, life hasn't been quite the same without my blog, but I'm intend to be back in the full swing of the blog world quite soon. I'm still working on updating everything, and for some reason, can't seem to get my format to let me put titles on my postings. If any of you have had this problem, please tell me how to fix it...it's quite annoying.

I'm coming home this afternoon, so I hope to see all of you at church on Sunday!

Loves and hugs!!!